• Amazing imalent r30c

    Amazing imalent r30c
      Once again Imalent has pushed the limits and proven what is possible in a small flashlight. I think the R30C has proven itself worthy to bear the Imalent name. 8000 lumens is pretty amazing for a light coming in under 5 inches long, and the sustained output and nicely regulated driver were also nice surprises.   see more:https://www.imalentstore.com/products/imalent-r30c-9000-lumens-flashlight
  • how to repair flashlight batteries

    how to repair flashlight batteries
    How to repair flashlight batteries With the long-term use of flashlights, we have more and more garbage batteries on hand. Because of the large internal resistance, we can't use them. If we throw away the batteries, it will damage the environment. Many batteries are easy to use at the beginning. After charging for dozens of times, they gradually become more and more difficult...
  • The most Detailed guide on how to choose a outdoor flashlight

    The most Detailed guide on how to choose a outdoor flashlight
    The detailed guide on how to choose the best outdoor flashlight As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, people love outdoor sports, outdoor camping and some other outdoor activities, outdoor activities we need to prepare the equipment can not be neglected, today we mainly talk about what we need to consider when picking a powerful outdoor flashlight, how to choose...
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