1.Newly bought flashlight won't light on?

(1)Our flashlight are locked by default when ship out,you need to unlock it first. Unlock the flashlight by quickly press four times of the power switch button(MS18 or MS18W need to press five times of the power switch button quickly to unlock)

(2)For transportation safety reasons, our flashlights have built-in insulating sheets.Please remove the transparent battery protection at the end of the battery before the first use.

(3)Strong light flashlights require high current, so make sure you have the flashlight tighten when using it.Or it won't pass high current, will be off itself.Use one hand on the head and the other hand on the battery pack and make it extra tight,until you are unable to screw it more tighten.

(4)Fully charge the battery,make sure the battery positive towards head.Reverse installation of the battery will cause the flashlight to fail to light.

2.Unable to turn on the Turbo mode?

(1)The battery is too low to turn on turbo mode, please make sure the battery is fully charged.

(2)Turbo mode requires high current support, please make sure the flashlight is screwed extra tightly.

3.The flashlight gets hot after turning on the highlight, is this normal?

All high powerful flashlights will have high temperature, higher lumens smaller body would cause higher temperature. It is about 60 degrees and the flashlight will decrease the output to reduce heat.All Imalent flashlights are temperature controlled, so without worry.Turbo mode and high brightness are more suitable for emergency use, and medium and low brightness are sufficient for most of our usage scenarios.If you feel the flashlight is too hot, you can reduce the brightness appropriately.

4.Can the flashlight use a non-original higher capacity battery?

We do not recommend that you use non-original batteries.For example,5000mAh 21700 has lower current but higher capacity, max can be 15A, it could be used for DM70/35. While 4000mAh 21700 has max current 35A, and can be used for MS03/R30C. When you put 5000mAh battery into MS03 or R30C, it will be protected or possible explode since they are unable to pass 35A current.

5.Why flashlight's len gets foggy?

A:The reasons contribute to foggy Len are as follows:

1.The heat-conducting glue used contains too much water, the water is vaporized onto the Len after heating.

2.The using environment is too humid.

3.When the flashlight is turned on, it will heat up. When the heat encounters the glass with a lower temperature, it will condense into mist. This is a normal physical phenomenon.