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IMALENT bike lights range from 4000 to 13000 lumens to suit any lighting need. These mountable bicycle lights feature innovative features such as Dual Light Sources, an alarm flash mode, or an OLED display.

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Best EDC Flashlight IMALENT LD70 black
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IMALENT MS03  13000 lumens brightest EDC flashlight - imalentstore
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BG10 Bike Light - IMALENT®

Astonishing brightness

Keep yourself safe out there on the trail or street path with IMALENT's bright LED Bike Lights. Keeping both others aware of your location and making sure you can see what's in front of you is imperative to low-light riding. You need the best Bike Lights source out there to see everything near or far. IMALENT makes ultra-bright, rechargeable, and durable LED bike lights to provide you with the best light source.IMALENT bike lights are built with extreme durability and high lumens for your safety on late-night rides. With hassle-free mounting and extreme weather resistance, our fearless bike lights are all water and dustproof resistant. See why so many IMALENT fans love these bicycle lights for both city and mountain biking.

Rechargeable Bike Lights

Have you ever experienced a situation where your battery suddenly ran out of power while you were enjoying a peaceful night ride? Traditional battery-operated bike lights are cumbersome to replace, especially if you find the battery is dead. However, with rechargeable lights, either check the battery level indicator regularly or leave them on the charger overnight to ensure that this huge disappointment doesn't happen to you. To be on the safe side, we also provide replaceable rechargeable batteries. Simply plug in the IMALENT bike lights for easy, convenient, and worry-free charging. Using IMALENT rechargeable batteries not only saves you money on purchasing disposable batteries but also contributes to environmental conservation.

Convenient Features

Our convenient IMALENT bike lights offer a host of practical, user-friendly features. They're not just incredibly bright and durable; IMALENT bicycle lights also come equipped with an OLED display, multiple modes, and more. These features help you ride better and with more confidence. It's no exaggeration to say that we've considered every aspect to provide you with the best biking experience possible.

Extremely Durable Bike Lights

IMALENT's highest-performing bike lights are versatile enough to handle nearly any situation. With an IP56 rating, most IMALENT bike lights are not only bright and versatile but also exceptionally durable. While weatherproofing may not be a concern for everyday leisurely bike rides, our highest-performing bike lights are specifically engineered to endure the most extreme weather conditions. Whether you're mountain biking or riding in wet weather, IMALENT bike lights provide peace of mind. Waterproof and dustproof, IMALENT reliable bike lights guarantee the brightest illumination regardless of weather conditions.


In conclusion, IMALENT LED bike lights are the ultimate choice for cyclists looking to enhance their safety and visibility on the road. With unparalleled brightness, rechargeable batteries, user-centered design, and extreme durability, IMALENT bike lights offer everything you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. Choose IMALENT bike lights and illuminate your ride today.