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IMALENT MS series flashlight

The IMALENT M-series represents cutting-edge high-output flashlight technology. Each M-series flashlight is an industry-leading lumen monster. These are industry-leading professional flashlights.

The M-series make ideal tools for law enforcement, security, search and rescue, and livestock management applications. These are robust professional flashlights capable of lighting up immense areas and operating under harsh and wet conditions. With waterproof type III hard anodized aircraft aluminum bodies and anti-shock protection, these flashlights are built to last.

Pushing the Envelope of LED Flashlight Technology

IMALENT has been at the forefront of LED flashlight technologies for years now.  When it comes to high power flashlights, they have very few competitors that can rival their output.  Much of that is because Imalent has consistently been innovating. 

For example, IMALENT was implemented 21700 high-drain lithium ion batteries to drive their high performance flashlights years ahead of their competition.  IMALENT is also among the first to incorporate force air cooling into the flashlight head, as well as vapor cooled radiators to dissipate heat efficiently.  

Imalent can be credited with many “firsts” in the flashlight industry and those “firsts” were launched first via the M-series.  

The Most Power for the Best Price

One of the most compelling aspects of these flashlights are the value you get for your money.  Imalent M-series flashlights offer 7%-425% more lumens per dollar compared to leading competitors.  At first look the M-series may appear to command a premium price.  However,  on a lumens-per-dollar basis, the Imalent M-series are far less expensive than other brands.  

Other brands sell there brightest flashlights for around $.01-.028$/per lumen.  The Imalent’s M-series, on the other hand, only cost about .01$-.006$/lumen.  That’s a staggering savings of up to 80% per lumen depending on the model!

Clean, Simple Design

IMALENT has consistently kept its user interfaces simple and efficient.  All of the M-series flashlights operate very similarly and logically.  Many of them offer OLED information screens with live battery status and power settings.  Unlike some premium flashlights, there is virtually no learning curve.

Quality & Optics

Every IMALENT M-series is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and armored with a Type III black anodized coating.  Each high-power LED is centered perfectly into precision reflectors.  Most of the M-series is quite “flood” and can light up immense areas.  However, due to their tremendous power, even the smallest M-series such as a beam several hundred down-range.  

Flashlight safety

IMALENT takes safety seriously.  These flashlights are not toys.  A child could easily burn or blind themselves. That is why every M-series features a safety lockout mechanism that can be activated by a set number of consecutive button pushes. This prevents children from tampering with the light or accidental activation of the flashlight while it is in your luggage etc.

It is very important to make a habit of locking these flashlights when they are not in use. Even if you have no children around, the flashlight may still get bumped and turn on accidentally.

Batteries & Recharging

Each flashlight ships with a fresh set of high drain lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Most of the M-series feature on-board recharging.  Meaning, you simply plug the flashlight in with the supplied charging cable.  Lithium batteries offer very high density energy storage that can be recharged many more times than standard rechargeable batteries. Typically, you can expect charging to take anywhere from 2-3 hours. 

Currently, most of the M-series flashlights are powered by 21700 batteries which you can easily swap for freshly charged ones if need be.  However, larger flashlights like MS18 utilize sealed battery packs.  Imalent does sell extra battery packs if you need extra ones on hand. 

Which M-Series flashlight is Right For Me?

If you need tons of power but weight and size are a restriction then go for the MS03. At just over 4 inches long, the MS03 makes a very light addition to law enforcement duty belts yet can be called upon to unleash an astonishing 13,000 lumen when needed. No one would ever guess such a small flashlight could deliver such an immense amount of light!

If you need a flashlight that can stay bright for hours then step up to the MS06 or MS08. Both of these flashlights can crank out bursts of up to 25k and 34k lumens respectively. However, what is more impressive is that they provide more power than a pair of car headlights for between 1.5-2hours!  Imagine, all that power in the palm of your hand?  The MS06 an MS08 make excellent search and rescue lights flashlights because they are not too heavy yet can sustain they’re power for an impressive amount of time.  

Finally, if you simply must have the brightest possible flashlight then you can step up to MS18. This is basically hand-held stadium light.  Nothing, absolutely nothing can hide from it.  It is ideal for scanning search large open areas such as fields, lakes, seashores, or patrolling large compounds like jails, military complexes, rail yards, and construction sites. The MS18 is both an excellent solution for searching and a very intimidating deterrent for bad guys.


The ground-breaking capabilities of M-series flashlights are the leading flashlight industry. They have opened levels of performance that were previously reserved only for vehicle based or shore-powered spotlights. IMALENT continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for hand-held lighting solutions. As Imalent continues to innovate with the latest high-output LEDs, precision optics, high output batteries, and thermal cooling technologies you can expect this family of flashlights to continue to lead the industry. 

IMALENT MS18 has held the title of the world’s brightest production flashlight for over three years with an output of 100,000 lumens! Even the smallest EDC-sized MS-03 cranks out the approximate equivalent of 4 sets of car headlights, has the title of the brightest EDC flashlight!

It is not an understatement to say, “To own an IMALENT M-Series is to own the most powerful flashlights on earth.”

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