A powerful flashlight is the one which dominates all ordinary flashlight features in the market. Imalent is the world leader when it comes to powerful flashlights, and holds the record for the brightest LED flashlight.

Our Values

IMALENT has always thrived to push the limits of the flashlights world, and we are passionate about reaching the highest standards and rewrite the limits of flashlight technology.

In the flashlight industry, we always prefer to challenge the status quo, and it excites us to produce the next iconic powerful flashlight. It all starts with the idea of - a powerful and portable illumination solution - We've launched several series of powerful flashlights for various use such as S&R, outdoor adventure, EDC use, and other special requirements. Some of these flashlights have been equipped by Police Departments, National Military, National Border Control, Fire Departments, etc. 

We are grateful for how our community can be a place for flashlight enthusiasts with similar values to share their passions and interests. We believe that the personally lighting products are in line with people's ambition to explore the rest of the world, and unveil what’s hidden. Consequently, we build products to fulfill your desire for explore or save lives wherever and whenever you need them.

Our Story

IMALENT started our own factory and brand in 2012, ever since, we actively sourcing the best talent and innovative technology we could find, and built our name as the brand that produces some of the brightest flashlights, each of our MS series flashlights is a lumen monster, including the world’s brightest flashlight MS18 with astonishing 100,000 lumen output. 

At the same time, we actively working with artists and content creators all around the world, our flashlights were featured and participated in movie productions and TV channels such as “The Mummy”, ”Ready Player One” and “BBC Channel 5 - The Gadget Show”. At the same time, warehouses around the globe were established to provide local fast delivery for our users from different regions of the world. 

IMALENT trademark

Commitment to Product

We are committed (in time, research and resources) to be the first to provide flashlights with the latest LEDs, circuits and features, and always at an affordable prices.

 Our official partnership with global LED leaders such as CREE ensures our flashlights to be reliable and durable for any circumstances. All of which are because we prioritize our product design, build quality, and service over anything else. 

Looking Forward

Looking forward to 2023 and beyond, IMALENT will continuously honour our passion for the next advanced flashlight, experimenting new features and technology which excites our flashlight community, while at the same time, stay true to our belief which is what two young in-love technicians decided to do long time ago - illuminate the world.

We are extremely grateful to our flashlight users and community members, it always bring a smile to our faces when we saw the reaction when someone turns on a IMALENT flashlight for the first time. Meanwhile, their advice and suggestions are also enlightening us to perfect our products and service. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with you, our dear fellow IMALENT family.

Long term partnership with Cree LED

Cree is the pioneer of advanced LED chips and components, their expertise and knowledge in the application-optimized LED made them deep rooted in the lighting industry, Over the past two decades, we have demonstrated our expertise in advanced optical control, color quality, intuitive control and proven product quality by transforming innovation into industry-leading solutions.

Imalent is a Cree Lighting's Diamond Partner. The long-term partnership between IMALENT and Cree Lighting is a top priority, and we take each relationship seriously.

A word from our founder

We’ve always been clear with our purpose. In the infinite game of flashlight business, we are determined to provide the most reliable flashlights that can be trusted in Mountaineering, Search & Rescue, Livestock Security, Law enforcement, Military Use and other outdoor activities. While the need of urban lifestyle varies from the outdoor's, we still best serve the need of our customers with our EDC flashlights.

We are eternally grateful to our flashlight community and flasholic friends, we started IMALENT hoping to illuminate people’s world when they need it, with the help of our supporters and mind alike flashlight enthusiasts, IMALENT did more than that, lives were saved and used as an alternative light source during hurricanes, and we are grateful to be able to serve our community and customers.


If you have questions about any of our lights, we will answer them for you!

We appreciate all feedback and are happy to meet other flashlight fans. If you are curious about anything we forgot to mention, please feel free to contact us.

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Tel: (+86)18926004450

Fax: +86-769-81291159