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The design of the flashlight is very user-friendly, and it is comfortable to hold hands. The battery can be charged through the type-c cable, which has a long battery life

Most Imalent flashlights use magnetic charging cable, in other words, the charging cable is universal.It is much easier to say than to implement this solution, especially high powerful flashlights.

To set a standard for the product, need to plan for the whole product line. Imalent high powerful flashlights which have removable batteries, all designed as the paralleled circuit. It is not only for the same standard but also offer better fault tolerance.That is quite remarkable!

As we all know that to simply combining the lithium battery with a Series Circuit is an easy and low-cost way to design, but to design a paralleled boost Circuit is much more difficult, because this design which can endure dozens of Current Intensity is not only required to apply the high standard on the component but also required to apply the high standard on cable, the Contact resistance, and conductive structure.

But the benefit for the paralleled circuit speaks for itself, The main benefit is the Insensitivity of the battery performance, With this paralleled Circuit, The different models of the battery can be mixed and combined together as one battery pack. On the other side, this is also a much safer way to recharge the battery.Paralleled circuit battery pack recharging is been recognized as the safest way to recharge, and it will recharge every battery simultaneously within the paralleled circuit, and it won’t overcharge or shortchange like the series circuit. Let alone the danger of flashlight tube explore due to the protect pad defective.

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