The best headlamps 

Headlamps are a special type of light that can be even more useful than a normal flashlight. As the name suggests, they attach to your head, normally with an elastic headband. IMALENT produces high quality headlamps in addition to normal flashlights.

Headlamp uses

Bright headlamps can be used for many things, when you need extra light either indoors or outdoors.

Indoor headlamps

The best headlamp flashlights are great for indoor use too. For example doing inspections or when working in an area where there is not enough room lighting. Mechanics often use headlamps for working on cars or machines. As a mechanic, a quality headlamp means you don't have to stop to find a handheld flashlight whenever you need some more light

What to look for in a good headlamp

Powerful headlamps with lots of lumens

The first thing to look for when choosing a headlamp is how bright it is. This is measured in lumens (lm). 1000 lumens is normally enough for indoor use but 2000 or more lumens can be really helpful when outdoors. Watch out when looking at flashlight specifications as some manufacturers make up numbers. Some even say a headlamp is over a million lumens! Check the lumens are calibrated to ANSI/NEMA FL1 and that the manufacturer is reputable. IMALENT's flashlights and headlamps are all measured against the standard, so you can be sure that you're actually getting 3000 lumens.


Having lots of modes is very important too. Sometimes you’ll want the full turbo brightness but other times you’ll only need 30 lumens. All of IMALENT’s lights have multiple modes so you can pick the brightness you want. This means that you’re not blinded and the battery lasts as long as possible.


Sustained output is very important when choosing a headlamp or flashlight. All headlamps will step down from turbo after a while due to heat. Many cheap headlamps will get dimmer as the battery drains and might only manage 300 lumens after a few minutes. High quality headlamps like the IMALENT HR70 use a constant current driver and can maintain 1000 lumens for an hour. High quality headlamps will also use thermal control too, to ensure the light does not get too hot.


It’s best when headlamps light up all around you, instead of having just a focused point of light. The HR70 has a beam distance of 151m and spreads out light really well, so it works very well in combination with a hunting flashlight like the IMALENT UT90.

Lightweight headlamps

Size and weight is the next most important thing when it comes to headlamps. Especially if you're wearing one for a few hours, a lightweight headlamp is important. Having a 100,000 lumen MS18 on your head would give lots of light but not be practical! The IMALENT HR70 weighs just 50g (1.8 oz) without the battery or 100g (3.5 Oz). The lightweight strap goes over your head, meaning the headlamp is comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Waterproof and rugged headlamps

Professionals know that it's best to buy a high quality tool that will last. Headlamps need to survive in outdoor conditions like rain, as well as surviving drops into hard surfaces. Cheap headlamps will fall apart when dropped and the electronics might fail when used in rain.


All IMALENT headlamps have a high IP rating of IPX8. This is the highest you can get, unless you need a diving flashlight. The HR70 is submersible to 2m for up to 30 minutes, so it doesn't matter if you drop it in a puddle or a tank of water. The HR70 uses O-rings to make a waterproof seal. The package also includes spare O-rings in case they start to wear out.


IMALENT'S flashlights and headlamps are all made of aerospace grade aluminium alloy body and have a wear resistant Type III hard anodized surface treatment. The strong construction results in impact resistance of 1.5m.

Special headlamp features

Some headlamps have additional features that make them stand out above the rest. Here’s some things to check for when picking the best headlamp, such as the IMALENT HR70:

 Use it as a normal headlamp too. Lights like the HR70 can be used without the head strap. The metal clip means you can carry it in a pocket easily and the right angle means it can easily be pointed in any direction.

 High capacity battery. Modern flashlights and headlamps use li-ion cells, which have much higher energy density than alkaline AA batteries. The HR70 uses the most common 18650 size, with a capacity of 3000mAh. This is enough for a whole week if using it for 6 hours a night. This battery is rechargeable but it’s easy to get spares too, so you can swap a fresh one in without having to wait for an empty one to charge.

 Built in charging. It’s much easier to charge a light without having to take the battery out and put it in a charger. Magnetic USB charging on the IMALENT HR70 makes it quick to top up the rechargeable battery when the red indicator light warns that the battery is getting low. The HR70 can also turn on whilst powered by USB.

 Magnetic base. Headlamps with a magnetic base allow attaching the light to a metal surface for hands free use. This is great as a work light or for when working on a car.