Carrying DM70 to walk at night

  This week’s photo of the week goes to @Vinx Han and his IMALENT DM70 4500lumens! !Who else are the fans of DM70? Comment with your IMALENT flashlight pics.😄😄😄😄😄 Learn more :https://www.imalentstore.com/collections/imalent-flashlight-store/products/imalent-dm70-tactical-flashlight

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IMALENT flashlights instant video of various Turbo

  IMALENT flashlights instant video of various Turbo IMALENT MS06 will be sold in limited quantities on August 10th: The product is currently produced in 30 pieces, while stocks last. Please wait for the next batch of products View IMALENT MS06 products:IMALENT MS06

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When we think about  flashlights, our first reaction is to use them when there is a power outage, or when walking at night. 

In fact, there are many purposes for flashlights. Now, let's briefly introduce eight purposes of high lumen flashlights.

Eight purposes of high lumen flashlights When we think about  flashlights, our first reaction is to use them when there is a power outage, or when walking at night. In fact, there are many purposes for flashlights. Now, let's briefly introduce eight purposes of high lumen flashlights.   1.Hiking Hiking does not require too high brightness. Due to the long time, you can try to choose a flashlight that is convenient to carry and have a long battery life. Under normal circumstances,the flashlight needs to take into account moderate...

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