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The most Detailed guide on how to choose a outdoor flashlight

by Xinling Yang on 0 Comments

The detailed guide on how to choose the best outdoor flashlight

As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, people love outdoor sports, outdoor camping and some other outdoor activities, outdoor activities we need to prepare the equipment can not be neglected, today we mainly talk about what we need to consider when picking a powerful outdoor flashlight, how to choose an outdoor flashlight?

There are diffierent kinds of outdoor activties:

Flashlight for Hiking

hiking does not need the powerful bright, due to the longer time to go hiking, you can try to choose a lighter flashlight, and also with a longer run time. In general, flashlights need to take into account the moderate spotlight and floodlight. However, the leader still needs a flashlight with high brightness and a certain range, which is more convenient when exploring the terrain.

Flashlight for Camping

The camping floodlight must be great, the demand for lumens is small, but you need to choose a flashlight with a long runtime life, preferably continuous lighting for more than a full night, so that the flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and cost of use. The current new development of flashlights, you can add a camping light cover in front of the head, as a camping light, the performance is also very good. Buyer's guide:


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