The detailed guide on how to choose the best outdoor flashlight

As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, people love outdoor sports, outdoor camping and some other outdoor activities, outdoor activities we need to prepare the equipment can not be neglected, today we mainly talk about what we need to consider when picking a powerful outdoor flashlight, how to choose an outdoor flashlight?

There are diffierent kinds of outdoor activties:

Flashlight for Hiking

hiking does not need the powerful bright, due to the longer time to go hiking, you can try to choose a lighter flashlight, and also with a longer run time. In general, flashlights need to take into account the moderate spotlight and floodlight. However, the leader still needs a flashlight with high brightness and a certain range, which is more convenient when exploring the terrain.

Flashlight for Camping

The camping floodlight must be great, the demand for lumens is small, but you need to choose a flashlight with a long runtime life, preferably continuous lighting for more than a full night, so that the flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and cost of use. The current new development of flashlights, you can add a camping light cover in front of the head, as a camping light, the performance is also very good. Buyer's guide:

The Imalent DM70 is up to 4,500 lumens, it's has a good range for camping use, and in addtional, DM70 has up to 180 hours run time, just trun on the low power mode, you can open it for totally 1 week, It perfectly meets the requirements of duration and brightness!

flashlight for bike riding 

Bike night riding is always on high speed, so you will need a powful flashlight, but also has a high demand for the run time, preferably continuous lighting for 4 hours. Floodlight is important for night riding, and the spotlight part should not be too converging. Night riding flashlights are not too weight sensitive, so in order to meet the performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight, pay attention to whether it is easy to operate and whether it is easy to clamp, to be able to be firmly mounted on the bike. Special reminder: For night riding flashlights, make sure to choose a flashlight that is not easy to jump through the gears, otherwise you would rather choose a single-file, non-dimming flashlight. In severe bumps, flashlight jumping gears, will bring unpredictable and serious consequences!

flashlight for bike huting

The Flashlight hunting brightness must be long beam distance far enough, the duration can be relatively short, while the flashlight is best to have anti-impact characteristics, so as not to be part of the recoil of the firearm impact damage. This kind of flashlight floodlight does not have to be too wide, moderate light gathering. It is recommended to choose a yellow light flashlight, hunting better.

How to choose the outdoor flashlight

High reliability

The Outdoor sports requirements for lighting tools is "ready to use", poor reliability of lighting tools, in critical moments can not work is fatal, the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for choosing LED outdoor sports lighting tools.

good waterproof performance

Relative to home, the first problem to solve in the strong light flashlight is waterproof, reassuring waterproof standard is of course IPX-8, immersed in shallow water can be used normally, of course, against the rain is not a problem, in a sense, waterproof is also belong to the content of outdoor reliability.

Powerful flashlight

The outdoor environment is complex and no one can guarantee that you will encounter a situation where high brightness lighting is needed and a flashlight is out of power, which can be dangerous. At the same time, the long-range light can make it easier for others to find in case of emergency. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is a necessary lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar roads, with a maximum brightness of over 200 lumens and an illumination distance of more than 100 meters. In the flashlight work at the same time, the battery with energy consumption voltage is getting lower and lower, the brightness of the conventional flashlight also declined, the lighting effect gradually deteriorated, and so the flashlight brightness down to a certain level has been unable to provide suitable lighting, only to replace the battery, and this time there is often a small half of the battery power, so this part of the power was wasted. The emergence of constant brightness technology to solve this problem, constant brightness flashlight can ignore the battery voltage changes, in most of the time to provide almost constant brightness, not only to improve the lighting effect, while fully utilizing every bit of battery power.


Many people who are new to outdoor flashlights always feel that the operation of a multi-gear flashlight is too cumbersome. In fact, it is not, outdoor flashlight with multiple gears is very necessary, at least with strong light, low light, flash function. Single-file flashlight is not flexible enough, with a medium or low light flashlight, you can switch in time, one to help heat dissipation, the second is also conducive to extending the lighting time of the flashlight. It is best to have a flashlight with a low brightness gear that can reach more than a few dozen hours, in case extreme conditions can be continuous nightly lighting for more than a week. With the advent of multi-speed dimming technology, the fish and the paw of brightness and range appear on the same flashlight. You can choose the most appropriate brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, searching, etc., while saving precious power in a reasonable way. At the same time, multi-speed dimming technology has also derived a number of auxiliary functions, such as sos distress signal, when in danger, you can send out a distress Morse code to search and rescue people for help.

Small and Light

Outdoor bright flashlight to do as much as possible small size, light weight, carry out not to increase the weight, save physical strength, the general personal outdoor bright flashlight is best to control within 150g. Of course large area lighting explosion-proof flashlight is required in the weight and volume in the brightness is not the same.

power Saving

Outdoor flashlights are best used with batteries that can be bought around the world, even in small mountain village stores. The ideal battery with this characteristic in most cases is the aa battery. If you use a battery that is not convenient to buy, prepare enough spare batteries before the trip according to the situation. The current strong light flashlight usually uses a rechargeable lithium battery 18650 for power, strong light continuous lighting time is usually 2.5 hours, which requires us to bring spare batteries as needed. At the same time, in the actual use of the process, the appropriate choice of medium or low light lighting is conducive to extending the flashlight lighting time. In addition, you can also consider the choice of using multiple battery-powered flashlights, so that the endurance time is longer.

easy to rechargeable batteries

Explosion-proof flashlights are best used everywhere can be charged, even small mountain villages as long as there is electricity can be charged or in most cases with this characteristic of the ideal battery is AA batteries

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