2020 Black Friday flashlight purchase recommendations

by Xinling Yang on November 19, 2020

Do you want to get the biggest discount on Black Friday flashlights in 2020?

Or do you want to get the biggest discount for "Cyber Monday" flashlights in 2020?

Then you have come to the right place. We will offer IMALENT flashlight flash sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, up to 70% off !

imalent flashlight black friday

Black Friday

It is the busiest shopping holiday of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We decided to start this big discounts sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as soon as possible, so you don’t need to wait that long time. Our sales start from November 24th till November 27th.

2020 this year,we are happy to announce some great deals that are definitely worth your expectation. Now that all the awesome lights have appeared this year, now is the time to buy a good gift to sent whoever that you care about, and we recommend LED flashlights. These flashlights should be present in every household and often come in handy. So let's take a look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday flashlights.

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MS18 "The brightest flashlight of the world "

IMALENT is the first flashlight band with 100,000 lumens . As early as 2018, IMALENT announced the launch of Imalent MS12 with 53,000 lumens, which shocked the flashlight community. Now the output of IMALENT MS18 up to 100,000 lumens! IMALENT is still one of the leaders in the flashlight market.

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MS18 flashlight

Little monster MS06

IMALENT MS06 little monster flashlight with max output level up to 25,000 lumens, which can easily see objects in front of you. However, it is also bright enough to reach far away. with six LEDs emits an amazing amount of brightness. Even in a low environment, I can see everything under the light .

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Little Master MS03

IMALENT MS03 is a palm-sized EDC flashlight with amazing performance. It contains three Cree XHP70.2 transmitters and is powered by a 21700 li-ion battery. The IMALENT MS03 can reach a maximum output of 13,000 lumens, and the beam distance is 324 meters!

For reference, an ordinary 55W halogen car light bulb can emit 1200 lumens. In contrast, a 35 W xenon headlight will emit about 3200 lumens of light.

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Powerful keychain IMALENT LD70

IMALENT LD70 4000 lumens flashlight itself feels very finish and good texture, holding it just feel like holing a gift from a Star. Using the combination of Cree XHP 70 2nd LED light source and high-performance halo can provide a more powerful luminous output for the LD70. LD70 uses high drain1100mAh 18350 battery, which can provide powerful light output for EDC flashlight and ensure the life of the flashlight.

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“ THE end of Darkness DX80”

IMALENT DX80, "The end of Darkness", is a rechargeable LED flashlight with intelligent design that focused on maximum brightness and run time that can be applied to all kinds of environments. Its 8 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd generation LEDs make it capable of a max output of up to 32,000 lumens. With its advanced circuit design , the OLED display can show the output output, voltage and mode. The ease of use that this brings for outdoor activities will change your world, it allows you to plan effectively and lower the risk of ever running out of light in the dark.

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Palm-sized search light DM70

IMALENT DM70 4500 lumen flashlight is a masterpiece in all industries in the consumer flashlight field-it is a pocket-sized high-lumen flashlight equipped with a Cree XHP70 2nd generation emitter and powered by a 5000 mAh 21700 li-ion battery. This pocket flashlight can be operated by an electronic side switch, the tail cover has a powerful magnet, and it also has a unique function: a very innovative so-called "sleep light" function in portable consumer lighting.

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imalent dm70

The leader of long range R90C

IMALENT R90c delivers a maximum output up to 20000lumens and a far reaching distance of 1679 meters,push you boundaries day and lights,make it a perfect search and rescue light.It features signature high -grade side pressure switch, this ergonomic design provides an unprecedented level of grip, six output level ensure long run time with low or high output in any situation.

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R90C flashlight

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The innovative design concepts and superior performance of Imalent LED Flashlights are a result of our best-in-class R&D team. Not only do they exhibit a vast knowledge and technical expertise, but they also possess the necessary passion for the outdoors. We believe that in order to produce for the wilds, you need to know the wilds. This is why Imalent products are often the preferred choice for professionals engaged in unforgiving activities. Whether mountaineering, search and rescue, avalanche rescue, law enforcement, or other military and outdoor pursuits, we understand that the best light is the one that never fails.

The pedigree of our experts and the heritage of the outdoors has also allowed us to make some of the best Every Day Carry flashlights money can buy. While the needs of urban lifestyles vary from that of the great outdoors, we still standby that the best light is the one that never fails.