Eight purposes of high lumen flashlights

by Somos Digital Collaborator on June 29, 2020

Eight purposes of high lumen flashlights

When we think about  flashlights, our first reaction is to use them when there is a power outage, or when walking at night. In fact, there are many purposes for flashlights. Now, let's briefly introduce eight purposes of high lumen flashlights.



Hiking does not require too high brightness. Due to the long time, you can try to choose a flashlight that is convenient to carry and have a long battery life. Under normal circumstances,the flashlight needs to take into account moderate spotlight and floodlight. However, the team leader still needs a brighter flashlight,and has a certain range, which is more clear and convenient when exploring the terrain.Such as IMALENT DM70.

imalent dm70



The flashlight used for camping must be good. Outdoor activities cannot carry a lot of batteries, so try to use high-efficiency high lumen LED flashlights, choose long-life flashlights,it is best to continuously illuminate more than night. Under the bad situation,The flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and long life time. In a terrible cases,the high-lumen flashlight saves power and can illuminate continuously for more than a week.


3.Night ride

Because the speed of night riding is fast, which needs good brightness, and it also has high requirements for battery life. It is best to continuously illuminate for 4 hours.Floodlight is very important for night riding.

Night ride flashlights are not very sensitive to weight, so in order to meet the performance requirements,you can choose the headlights or car lights appropriately,easy to see the road. For night riding flashlights, you must choose a flashlight that is not easy to jump output level,Otherwise, flashlight jumps during severe bumps will bring unpredictable and serious consequences!

Now professional Theadlights IMALENT HR70 have appeared, which can be used for camping lighting, cycling lighting, and lighting when walking, Easy to install and versatile.



The brightness must be high, and the battery life can be relatively short. At the same time, the flashlight is best to have anti-shock characteristics and aggressiveness.The tough flashlight body has a defense function, and it can defend itself when it is in danger.

This type of flashlight floodlight does not need to be too wide, and the spotlight is moderate. IMALENT FLASHLIGHT specializes in high-lumen flashlights for professional hunters. We can choose these flashlights with professionally targeted functions.



5.Search and field rescue

With the emergence of multi- out put level dimming technology, you can choose the most suitable brightness for different purposes such as outdoor search and rescue, and at the same time reasonably save precious power. 

While multi-level dimming technology has also derived many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can send out a distress signal in case of danger to the search and rescue personnel.

The demand for brightness is almost the brighter the better, the range is also important, you can choose a bright and large flashlight, you can choose IMALENT  DX80 .



6. Caving

The outdoor activity environment is complex, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will face. When high-brightness lighting is required situation, it is very dangerous for the flashlight to fail. Therefore, a high-lumen light flashlight is a necessary lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar roads.

The environment corresponding to the cave is more sinister, and the reflectivity of the rock in the cave is low, so the brightness must be high, and there also have water in the cave,the flashlight is generally required to have good waterproof properties, and the possible dangerous situations in anytime, so the flashlight should to be durable.




7. Defense

 Many policemen and the army use high-lumen flashlights to perform their missions. High-lumen flashlights can be used as weapons to protect themselves, and strong light strobe lights can be used as anti-counterfeiting weapons to hurt the eyes of the enemy.

Many night watchers use high-lumen flashlights Observe the surrounding conditions to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.





 The diving flashlight must be waterproof. The waterproof standard is of IPX-8. It is immersed in shallow water, generally within 2 meters, and the brightness requirements are also very high. The lighting time is enough.

The requirements on volume and weight are not harsh, the hand-held flashlights are suitable for holding, and the flexibility of use is better. For example, IMALENT LD10.

The switch must be able to resist water pressure (usually the button switch cannot resist water pressure, and the diving flashlight is mostly a rotary or toggle switch).


After reading the purpose of the high lumen flashlight, I hope to help you!