Whatever IMALENT LED flashlight you pick, you’re sure to have a light that you can rely on to brighten up your world.

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IMALENT LED Flashlights

These are the industry leading professional flashlights. With superb brightness and superior performance, IMALENT LED flashlights bring fun to flashlight enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. IMALENT uses high quality LEDs from industry leading LED manufacturers such as CREE. These LEDs are so bright and reliable that they are quite important whenever IMALENT tries to push the boundaries of powerful flashlights. They are also more efficient than other flashlights such as incandescent or HID flashlights, giving the flashlight a better duration and being more eco-friendly.

Most of our flashlights use cool white LEDs. these are the most efficient and brightest type of LED. Some of our flashlights also have a warm white option, which produces a more natural and yellowish beam of light like the sun.

Our incredible MS18 can produce up to 100,000 lumens of output as a result of the powerful LEDs we use and patented features. We are the only manufacturer to have such a bright flashlight. Our MS03 is equally impressive and even more compact, as a pocket-sized flashlight it can produce an amazing maximum output of 13,000 lumens, something that is several times brighter than a set of car headlights. These lights are one of our best-selling flashlights because they perform so well.

Most of IMALENT's LED flashlights can be charged with an easy-to-use magnetic USB charger or a DC fast charger. Our flashlights are also equipped with high-capacity rechargeable batteries, which are carefully crafted rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Providing the power needed for our powerful flashlights while giving them a duration of up to several hours. All of our flashlights also feature a battery level indicator, so you'll never be surprised to find your batteries empty again.

No matter which IMALENT LED flashlight you own, you're sure to have a light you can rely on to light up your world.

Bright and powerful flashlights

Imalent is the world's leading brand when it comes to powerful and bright flashlights. imalent MS18 holds the world record for the brightest LED flashlight, but Imalent also has a range of other flashlights for a variety of uses. imalent has the perfect flashlight for everyday carry(edc), tactical requirements, military and security, hunting, and a variety of outdoor activities.

As well as the brightest flashlights with the most lumens, IMALENT also has long distance flashlights, with a powerful and focused beam for throw.

Not only will you find the flashlights with the most lumens, IMALENT also has long range flashlights with beam that has a great reach distance.

IMALENT's flashlights are state-of-the-art with modern and practical features. These features include magnetic fast charging and OLED display to show power levels. Some IMALENT powerful flashlights also equipped with cooling systems to aid in temperature control and improve the overall performance of the flashlight.

IMALENT flashlights are not just for special applications or specific occasions. IMALENT also produces EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlights that are easy to use, simple to switch on and off, and can be switched between different brightness levels to meet different needs.

Our flashlights are designed for everyone and every need, so buy your new IMALENT flashlight today and it will quickly become your favorite gadget.

IMALENT EDC flashlights

Finding the perfect EDC flashlight can be a difficult decision. imalent offers some interesting options for everyday carry flashlights. Depending on your budget and need for different kinds of light, there are several high quality flashlights that will easily fit in your pocket for you to choose from.

Having flashlights that you can always take with you is super fun and practical, from indoor tasks like finding something under the couch or checking to see if your pet is safe in the backyard, to outdoor scenarios like lighting the way in the dark when you get home at night. imalent flashlights are also very useful in emergency situations, like power outages. They can also be used for outdoor activities such as night hiking, fishing and hunting, or for more adventurous activities such as cave exploring and mountaineering.

If you work night shifts, then a reliable EDC flashlight is essential. IMALENT flashlights are high quality and durable, using special aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a wear resistant Type III hard anodized finish. The lens is tempered ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coated glass with a high impact rating.

You may be wondering just how many lumens you need from an EDC flashlight. Don't worry, because all of IMALENT's EDC lights are over 1000 lumens, and they will meet your needs with ease, because 1000 lumens is quite enough for indoor use. In fact, the IMALENT LD10's low mode starts at 10 lumens, which is enough to find your way to the bathroom at night. Although the LD10 can do more than just 10 lumens in moonlight mode. it can also pump out 100 lumens or 500 lumens in mid modes, reach a beam distance of almost 100 meters, or 1200 lumens in turbo mode and nearly 250 meters beam distance.

For outdoor EDC use, such as illuminating a garden or large field, more than 1000 lumens are needed. the LD10 may be sufficient, but you may need to upgrade to a more powerful EDC flashlight. Some flashlight manufacturers consider 2000 lumens to be sufficient for EDC, but IMALENT disputes that a quality EDC flashlight should be 4000 lumens or more. the LD70 is the next step up from the LD10 and uses the amazing CREE XHP70.2 LED. it also comes with a magnetic charger and an easy-to-use lockout feature.

If you're serious about flashlights, then you probably want the world's most powerful EDC flashlight. That's the IMALENT MS03, which produces a whopping 13,000 lumens in the palm of your hand. A flashlight this powerful requires a high-capacity battery unit, which is why IMALENT has equipped it with a custom 21700 battery that can power the flashlight. It also comes with a handy magnetic charger. If you want an EDC light that will amaze you and your friends when it illuminates the entire field! Choose the MS03. this light is also very practical and its durability helps the flashlight last for more than a day of continuous use in a variety of low and medium modes.

The R30C is another great choice for EDC light, which has more of a throwy EDC flashlight that can reach 560 meters beam distance, or over 1,800 feet. Just like the MS03, the R30C is a great EDC flashlight that is slightly larger and comes with a 21700 high capacity rechargeable battery.

You can mount our EDC lights on your bike and use them as high powered bike lights, allowing you to ride in the dark while being seen and able to navigate off-road. Some of our EDC lights are so bright that you have to be careful when near a car using the turbo mode.

Brightest flashlights

The MS18, made by IMALENT, is the brightest flashlight in the world. If you haven't tried it yet, you're in for a heck of a show when try it yourself. The IMALENT MS18 can reach up to 100,000 lumens. There'll be no darkness around you no more.

The most powerful flashlights are the ones with the strongest lumen output and highest beam distance, and they are perfect for search and rescue and more.

Using battery packs that contain multiple high-capacity reusable batteries, these lights can maintain tens of thousands of lumens for hours. Industrial users use IMALENT flashlights for security, surveillance and large project inspections.The IMALENT M Series represents cutting-edge, high-output flashlight technology. Each M-Series flashlight is an industry-leading lumen monster that packs a punch in terms of size.

Along with the M series are the R series, such as the R90TS and R60C. These are long range flashlights that can reach up to a mile away. They are also very bright, producing thousands of lumens. You can use our long range flashlights to illuminate trees, mountains or buildings thousands of yards away.

Our MS-series and R-series flashlights are available in various configurations and designed for high lumens and run time. Despite being the most powerful flashlights, they’re still compact in size and can be kept at hand, in the car, or around the house.

IIMALENT also has a line of mid-sized flashlights that are brighter than other competitors' flashlights. Flashlights like the MS08 and RS50 can be carried in a shirt pocket, they can also be hung from a holster and carried around in a small bag. These "soda can" or "soup can" sized lights are many times brighter than a car headlight and can reach up to 1 km away. These lights are the perfect balance of portability and power. When hiking at night, you can carry one of these flashlights without adding too much weight.The 34,000 lumens output of the IMALENT MS08 can easily illuminate the entire field in front of you, allowing you to navigate your terrain and see if there are any obstacles around you before it's too late to react.

Tactical flashlights and flashlights for professionals

Law enforcement and the military may prefer a tactical flashlight to an EDC flashlight. You may be wondering what the difference is between an EDC flashlight and a tactical flashlight. There is some crossover, but to be a tactical flashlight, it needs to have a strobe mode and quick access to the turbo. If you are facing an attacker, then you want to make sure you hit them with 13,000 lumens, not 150 lumens.

If you work in the army, or as a police officer or something like that, our tactical flashlights are a good choice for you. They are designed with features for those who are actively engaged in tactical work and duties. All IMALENT tactical flashlights are LED lights, they can be very bright and have special tactical features.

These lights may have a tactical tail switch for quick on/off, and some even have a glass-shattering bezel. With such a wide range of features, IMALENT has the best tactical flashlight available for you.

IMALENT also manufactures tactical lights with 1" tubes that can be mounted on firearms such as rifles. These lights allow you to quickly spot targets from a distance. with a beam distance of 1308 meters, the IMALENT UT90 is ideal for hunting. As a high-powered rifle light, it also comes with a magnetic gun mount, red and green filters and a remote switch. The red and green filters can be used for hunting different animals while providing good night vision.

If you want a Weapon Mounted Light (WML), Imalent's line of rechargeable and efficient weapon lights allows you to mount a light on your pistol for use at night. These work with standard Picatinny rails and Glock rails, allowing you to use your weapon at night.

Many IMALENT flashlights come with a well-made holster that can be attached to your belt or used with the standard MOLLE system. This allows you to attach the flashlight to any tactical bag or clothing.

IMALENT's tactical flashlights are powerful and easy to use in any situation. They have proven their durability and reliability in many emergency situations, so they are sure to become your go-to lighting tool for the job.

Camping and hiking flashlights and headlamps

A good flashlight or headlamp is essential when traveling outdoors at night. Whether you're hiking at night, camping or fishing at night, etc., IMALENT's flashlights will meet your needs.

IMALENT's camping flashlights are suitable for extended use outdoors and are rated IPX8 for water and dust resistance. These flashlights are reliable and made from high quality materials while delivering great value for the price you pay. Most of our LED camping flashlights can be easily charged with our simple magnetic USB charger. If you travel outdoors a lot and need a reliable flashlight, then IMALENT definitely has the right flashlight for you.

Many of our lights also have other interesting and practical features, such as strobe mode and battery usage indication.

When camping at night, our flashlights can also be used in low mode to provide adequate illumination and longer duration. Whether you're resting in your tent after dark or lazing around at night, rest assured that the long runtime flashlight will have you covered.

IMALENT’s headlamps come in handy for camping and hiking too. These provide hands-free lighting for around the campsite or hiking over dangerous terrain. These can provide great help during emergency too. Like all our flashlights, our headlamps are industry leading in brightness. They’re also very light weight for their size, so can be worn for an extended time. given the light weight of these, hikers can use these lights to provide lumination for many evenings. Our headlamps have a wide range of brightness modes, so you can adjust to the suitable light level easily to get the best balance of brightness and long battery life that you need. Our HR70 is one of the brightest headlamps on the market at 3000 lumens and can light up a large area of a forest.