Whatever IMALENT LED flashlight you pick, you’re sure to have a light that you can rely on to brighten up your world.

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IMALENT LED Flashlights

These are industry leading professional flashlights. Ultra-bright and high-performance, IMALENT LED flashlights are fun for hobbyists and outdoor people alike. IMALENT uses authentic LEDs from industry leading LED manufacturers like CREE. These LEDs are very bright and reliable, producing lots of light. They also don’t need as much battery as an incandescent or HID flashlight.

Most of our flashlights use cool white LEDs. These are the most efficient and brightest. Some of our flashlights also come in a warm white option, which looks more yellow like the sun.

Our incredible MS18 produces 100,000 lumens and is testament to the power and quality of the LEDs we use. No other manufacturer has a flashlight this bright. Our MS03 is also incredible, producing many times more light than car headlights whilst still fitting in your pocket. These lights are some of our most popular, due to their amazing power.

Most of IMALENT’s led flashlights charge either with an easy and quick to use magnetic USB charger or with modern USB-C. No more old fashioned micro-USB cables needed with our flashlights. We also provide high capacity and power batteries with our flashlights, using modern li-ion cells. These deliver the power that our flashlights need, whilst also allowing them to be used for hours and hours. Some of our lights also feature a battery level indicator so you'll never accidentally run out of light again.

Whatever IMALENT LED flashlight you pick, you’re sure to have a light that you can rely on to brighten up your world.

Bright and powerful IMALENT flashlights

Imalent is the world leader when it comes to powerful and bright flashlights. The IMALENT MS18 holds the world record for the brightest LED flashlight but Imalent also has a range of other lights, for all sorts of purposes. Imalent has the perfect flashlight for everyday carry, tactical for military and security personnel, and a variety of outdoor and hunting flashlights.

As well as the brightest flashlights with the most lumens, IMALENT also has long distance flashlights, with a powerful and focused beam for throw.
IMALENT's flashlights are state of the art, with modern and practical features. These include quick magnetic USB charging and an OLED display to indicate power levels. Some IMALENT flashlights also include a special cooling shell with built in fans to keep the light cool.

IMALENT's flashlights aren't just for special jobs or occasions. IMALENT makes EDC (every day carry) flashlights that are easy-to-use with a simple and quick switch to get to any brightness level.

We have flashlights that are designed for everyone, so buy your new IMALENT today and it will soon be your favorite companion.

IMALENT EDC flashlights

Picking the perfect EDC flashlight can be a difficult choice. IMALENT has a few options for Every Day Carry flashlights, depending on your budget and needs. These are all high quality and can easily slip in a pocket.

Flashlights are great to carry on you as they come in handy all the time. From simple indoor tasks like finding something under the sofa to checking if your pets are safe in your backyard. IMALENT flashlights are also useful to have in an emergency, such as a power cut. They can also be used for leisure activities, like going on night hikes, fishing and hunting or on more adventurous activities like caving and mountaineering.

If you work night shifts then a reliable EDC flashlight is essential. IMALENT flashlights are high quality and built to last, using special aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment. The lenses are toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass and feature a high impact rating.

You may be wondering how many lumens you need or how many lumens is best for EDC. Thankfully, all of IMALENT'S EDC lights are over 1000 lumens. 1000 lumens is plenty for indoor use. In fact the low modes of the IMALENT LD10 start at 10 lumens, which is enough to find your way to the bathroom at night. The LD10 can do more than just the 10 lumen moonlight mode though. Even the tiny EDC LD10 can pump out 100 lumens or 500 lumens on the middle modes or 1200 lumens on turbo! It also has a beam distance of almost 250m.

For outdoor EDC use with a big garden or field, over 1000 lumens is required. The LD10 might be enough but you probably need to upgrade to a more powerful EDC flashlight. Some flashlight manufacturers think 2000 lumens is bright enough for EDC but IMALENT have high quality EDC lights that are 4000 lumens and higher. The LD70 is the next step up from the LD10 and uses the amazing CREE XHP70.2 LED. It also includes magnetic USB charging and a convenient lock out feature.

If you're serious about flashlights then you'll want the most powerful EDC flashlight in the world. This is the IMALENT MS03 and it produces a mind blowing 13,000 lumens in the palm of your hand. A light this strong needs a high power battery and IMALENT includes a special 21700 cell that can power the light. This comes with handy USB-C charging too. Pick the MS03 if you want an EDC light that will amaze you and your friends as it lights up a whole field! The light is practical too, with various low and medium modes that can last for over a day of constant use.

The R30C is another great EDC light. This is more of a long distance EDC flashlight, that reaches 560m, which is over 1800 feet. Just like the MS03, the R30C is a great larger EDC flashlight and makes use of a high power battery.

You can attach our EDC lights to a bike and use them as a high power bike light, allowing you to cycle in the dark while being seen and being able to navigate off-road. Some of our EDC lights are so bright that you have to be careful with the turbo modes near cars. 

IMALENT Brightest flashlights

IMALENT makes the MS18, the brightest flashlight in the world. If you haven't tried it yet, you're in for an intense experience. IMALENT MS18 reaches 100,000 lumens. You never have to look into the dark and wonder. 

The most powerful flashlights with the most lumens and high beam distance are great for search and rescue. With multiple batteries, these lights can output thousands of lumens for hours and hours. Industrial users use IMALENT flashlights for things like security, surveillance and inspection. The IMALENT M-series represents cutting edge high-output flashlight technology. Every M-Series flashlight is an industry-leading lumen monster and packs a serious punch for its size.

Alongside the M-Series is the R-Series, like the R90TS and R90C. These are long distance flashlights that can reach over a mile. They’re bright too, producing thousands of lumens. You can use our long range flashlights to light up trees, mountains or buildings hundreds of meters away.

Our MS-series and R-series flashlights are available in various configurations and designed for high lumens and run time. Despite being the most powerful flashlights, they’re still compact in size and can be kept at hand, in the car, or around the house.

IMALENT also has a range of mid-size flashlights that are brighter than any other manufacturer. Flashlights like the MS08 and RS50 will fit in a jacket pocket, on a holster or can be kept in a small bag. These "soda can" or "soup can" size lights are many times brighter than car headlights and can reach over 1km. These lights are the perfect balance of portability and power. You can carry one of these flashlights on a night hike without adding too much weight. The 34,000 lumens from the IMALENT MS08 will easily light up a whole field in front of you, allowing you to navigate your terrain and see if there’s any obstacles or dangers.

IMALENT Tactical flashlights and flashlights for professionals

Professionals in law enforcement and the military might choose a tactical flashlight, instead of an EDC one. You might wonder what the difference is between an EDC flashlight and a tactical flashlight. There is some crossover but for a light to be tactical, it needs to have a strobe mode and quick access to turbo. If you're facing an attacker then you want to make sure you hit them with 13,000 lumens, not 150 lumens.

If you are a member of the army, police or any other tactical job, our tactical flashlights are for you. They have features designed for those actively engaged in tactical and duty work. IMALENT tactical flashlights are all LED lights, very bright, and have special tactical features. These lights have a tactical tail switch for quick on/off, and some even have a glass-shattering bezel. With such a wide range of features, IMALENT is sure to provide you with the best tactical flashlight.

IMALENT also produces tactical lights with a 1 inch tube that can be attached to weapons such as rifles. These allow lighting up your target quickly from a distance. The IMALENT UT90 is great for hunting with its beam distance of 1308m. As well as being a high power rifle light, it also comes with a magnetic gun mount, red and green filter and a remote switch. The red and green filters can be used for hunting different animals or to help protect your night vision.

If you want a weapon mounted light (WML), Imalent’s range of rechargeable and bright weapon lights allow you to have a light attached to your pistol. These work with the standard Picatinny rail and Glock guide rail and allow you to use your weapons at night.

Many IMALENT flashlights come with strong holsters that can be attached to a belt or used with a standard MOLLE system. This allows you to attach your flashlight to any tactical bag or clothing.

Powerful and easy to use in any situation, IMALENT's tactical flashlights are sure to be your go-to lighting tool on the job as they have proven their durability and reliability in emergency situations.

imalent Camping and hiking flashlights and headlamps

A good flashlight or headlamp is essential when outdoors at night. Whether you’re on a night hike, on a camping holiday or doing an activity like night fishing, IMALENT’s flashlights have you covered.

IMALENT’s camping flashlights are suitable for long term usage outside, being IPX8 water and dust rated. These are reliable and built from high quality materials, whilst still being great value for money. Most of our LED camping flashlights are easily charged with our easy to use magnetic USB charger. If you’re heading outdoors and need a reliable flashlight then IMALENT has the flashlight for you.

Our camping and hiking flashlights are user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple button to turn the light on and off and holding to change modes. Many of our lights have extra features too, like a strobe and battery check light.

If you’re camping, our flashlights can also be used on a low mode to give you light for a long duration. Whether you’re setting up your tent in the dark or just chilling out, you can be confident that the long run times will have you covered.

IMALENT’s headlamps come in handy for camping and hiking too. These provide hands-free lighting for around the campsite or hiking over dangerous terrain. These are great to have in case of emergency too. Like all our flashlights, our headlamps are industry leading in brightness. They’re also very light weight for their size, so can be worn for an extended time. Ultralight thru-hikers can use these to provide light for many evenings. Our headlamps have a range of brightness modes, so you can adjust the light easily to get the best balance of brightness and long battery life that you need. Our HR70 is one of the brightest headlamps on the market at 3000 lumens and can light up a large area of a forest.

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