• The world's brightest flashlight: up to 100000 streamers (1350 meters away)

    The world's brightest flashlight: IMALENT MS18 The brightest flashlight in the world is IMALENT MS18. Its brightness can reach 100000 lumens. If it is turned on at night, most of the world of vision can be turned into daytime. Without any obstruction, this flashlight can shoot 1350 meters away. In that case, people often call it "the God of the sun" The strongest...
  • If the brighter the flashlight, the better?

    Is the light spot of the flashlight brighter, the better? If you pursue the ultimate brightness, we have the strongest flashlight in the world, ms18 with 100,000 lumens. want to see what is the most powerful flashlight? As outdoor flashlight fans, we need to know some of these commonly used LED strong light flashlight terms in order to avoid being fooled in the...
  • Buyer's guide for the best camping flashlight

    Buyers' guide for the best camping flashlight When you go camping, one of the necessities is light. While the light from the moon and the stars are helpful, it is inadequate especially to areas with shady parts. Also, a flashlight can be a life saving device and a self defense device so a camper should not take for granted the task of choosing...
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