• Buyer's guide for the best camping flashlight

    Buyers' guide for the best camping flashlight When you go camping, one of the necessities is light. While the light from the moon and the stars are helpful, it is inadequate especially to areas with shady parts. Also, a flashlight can be a life saving device and a self defense device so a camper should not take for granted the task of choosing...
  • Can the flashlight get on the Plane?

    Can the flashlight get on the Plane? There is no problem that the rechargeable flashlight can be put on the plane, but the flashlight needs to be placed in the security check box together with the mobile phone power bank. There should be no obvious exaggeration of the attack head, the battery should have capacity identification. It needs to be manually checked and...
  • the brightest flashlight

    The brightest flashlight in the world When looking at the leading high powered hand held flash lights that have been developed for low light tactical and military use, there are a few that may come to mind but only one that is being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds brightest flashlight. The Torch is a compact 100W (watt)...
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