• IMALENT LD70 great video

    IMALENT LD70 great video
      The tiny IMALENT LD70 is an inch wide and just over 3 inches long, yet it outputs an astounding 4000 lumens and has a beam distance of 203m. The LD70 is the perfect pocket EDC flashlight for all sorts of outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, fishing or anything else at night. see more:https://www.imalentstore.com/products/imalent-ld70-4000-lumen-flashlight
  • Best Flashlight IMALENT MS06 video

    Best Flashlight IMALENT MS06 video
      I like to illuminate a large area with the most lumens with the smallest flashlight for only a few seconds, to quickly identify what I am looking for, then throttle down to normal mode. see more:https://www.imalentstore.com/products/imalent-ms06-25000-lumens-flashlight
  • Amazing imalent r30c

    Amazing imalent r30c
      Once again Imalent has pushed the limits and proven what is possible in a small flashlight. I think the R30C has proven itself worthy to bear the Imalent name. 8000 lumens is pretty amazing for a light coming in under 5 inches long, and the sustained output and nicely regulated driver were also nice surprises.   see more:https://www.imalentstore.com/products/imalent-r30c-9000-lumens-flashlight
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