Crazy flashlight in 2024-IMALENT MS32

In the ever-evolving world of flashlights, The IMALENT MS32 emerges as the epitome of craziness in 2024. IMALENT has always been the top brand in the field of flashlights, where brightness is a coveted feature, Imalent has once again stepped, into the limelight with its latest creation, the MS32. Breaking all previous records, the Imalent MS32 boasts an incredible 200,000 lumens. This new powerhouse is not just a successor; it's a quantum leap in brightness, being twice as radiant as its predecessor, the MS18, on paper.

IMALENT MS32 Brightest Flashlight

Breakthrough in Lumens and Brightness

IMALENT has always been a top player in the field of high power flashlights. MS18 reigned for about four years and has been the well-known champion since 2019. Other notable additions to the IMALENT lineup include the MS12 Mini, MR90, SR16, and SR32, demonstrating IMALENT’s commitment to pushing the limits of what a flashlight can achieve.


Gone are the days when 10,000 lumens were considered groundbreaking. As we step into 2024, the IMALENT MS32 stands as a symbol of innovation and progress.

It's not just a flashlight; it's a statement—a declaration that Imalent refuses to rest on its laurels. Enthusiasts and adventurers seeking the pinnacle of brightness need look no further. it's a revolutionary leap in flashlight technology.