Brightest Flashlight of 2024 – over 100,000 lumens

Are you looking for the brightest flashlight? which flashlights have exceeded 100,000 lumens? The search for the brightest flashlight is an exciting journey.

From the birth of IMALENT's first 100,000 lumen flashlight IMALENT MS18 in 2018 to the current IMALENT MS32 200,000 lumens in 2024, which flashlights have exceeded 100,000 lumens? We will reveal the answer to the brightest flashlight.

Brightest flashlight IMALENT MS32 200,000 lumens

IMALENT MS32 Brightest Flashlight With up to 200,000 lumens, the brightest flashlight on the market. In the flashlight industry, it is also the limit of flashlight. IMALENT MS32 Brightest Flashlight is engineered to redefine the standards of brightness and performance. IMALENT MS32 Brightest Flashlight is blasting an astonishing 200,000 lumens of light with a max beam distance of 1618 meters - equivalent to over 100 car lights.

Brightest flashlight IMALENT MS32
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IMALENT MS32 Brightest Flashlight - IMALENT®

IMALENT SR32 Longest Throw Flashlight 120,000 lumens

The IMALENT SR32 longest throw flashlight. Light up the darkness with 120,000 lumens, and a max beam distance of 2080 meters. It's a super bright flashlight with a luminous intensity of 1,090,000cd. If the longest throw flashlight is what you are looking for, the IMALENT SR32 is the best option. 

When you turn on the IMALENT SR32, a massive beam will illuminate everything in the dark. The large and long distance beam can illuminate a large area. The amount of luminosity of 120,000 lumens is impressive, for example, a soccer field is around 105 meters long, and the IMALENT SR32 can brighten up almost 20 soccer fields!

IMALENT SR32 Longest Throw Flashlight
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IMALENT SR32 Longest Throw Flashlight

IMALENT MS18 high lumen flashlight 100,000 lumens

The IMALENT MS18, is aptly known as the "Ambassador of Light", and is recognized as the High lumen flashlight. With an astounding output of 100,000 lumens, this powerful handheld device allows you to tame the darkness and bring the sun into the palm of your hand. If you're in search of the ultimate flashlight that offers unparalleled brightness, look no further than the MS18. There's simply no need to waste time searching for other super bright flashlights, as the MS18 surpasses them all, transforming night into day with its unparalleled illumination.

IMALENT MS18 high lumen flashlight
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IMALENT SR32 Longest Throw Flashlight


Brightest Flashlight of 2024

In the pursuit of the brightest flashlight, IMALENT has become the undisputed leader, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From 2018’s MS18 100,000 lumens to the current MS32 200,000 lumens brightest flashlight, each flashlight represents IMALENT’s uncompromising light to illuminate the darkness of the world.

When you start your search for the brightest flashlight, think of IMALENT not as a brand, but as a beacon of innovation and reliability. The unparalleled brightness, cutting-edge functionality, and durability demonstrated by the MS32, SR32, and MS18 solidify IMALENT’s position as a trailblazer in high-lumen flashlights.

Illuminate your future with confidence, knowing that IMALENT's commitment to excellence will guide you through your darkest moments. Experience the evolution of portable lighting and embrace the sun's light with IMALENT.