simple defensive skills for tactical flashlight

by Somos Digital Collaborator on March 25, 2020

On the go, self-protection is a skill that everyone needs to learn. Today, we will introduce a practical self-defense tool: a tactical flashlight. Mastery of tactical flashlight is a very practical defense tool. Let me talk about its three functions.

IMALENT DM70 tactical flashlight

Strengthen vigilance

Let's try to guess that if you can spot a potential crisis in time, you can prevent it from happening. There is no doubt that eliminating risk is the best defense technology, and tactical flashlights can be used as defense tools.

Show warning

With a tactical flashlight, you are the hunter, not the prey in the eyes of the bad guys. You can use a tactical flashlight to tilt your right hand (strong hand) backwards to form a protective posture, while an empty left hand (weak hand) blocks forward. This is to inform the people in front: Don't come! This pose masks offensive and defensive attributes, plus verbal warnings, which can effectively mark your "territory" and tell others your safe area.


Defensive behavior

If the bad guy does bad things to you, you can suddenly turn on the flashlight in the eyes of others and use its highlighting to temporarily blind the bad guy and lose the ability to attack. Often he can surprise him, so he can choose to run away and ask for help. The attack head of the tactical flashlight can be used to hit the opponent's fists, elbows, shoulders, chin, nose and lower back. At the same time, turn on the flashlight mode of the flashlight and disturb the opponent's eyes. .

Tactical flashlight


Tactical flashlight is a very practical self-defense tool. It is suitable for various environments, such as hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, camping, etc. You can bring one when you go out often!