The Details of IMALENT MS06

by Somos Digital Collaborator on August 19, 2020

   Last month, we informed that we will release our Lumen Monster MS06 on 20th August and Fans who shared MS06 posts will have a chance to win a MS06 for free. Once the news was released, it have been enthusiastically shared.

   The IMALENT MS06 is a Can-sized EDC flashlight with amazing performance. It contains six cree XHP70.2 emitters and powered by three 21700 4000 capacity Li-ion batteries.This Can-size light can reach a maximum output of 25,000 lumens and beam distance of 513 meters.

 Details about MS06:

LED              6*XHP70.2

LUMENS          25000

Beam intensity   65800 cd

Battery           3*21700

Material          Aluminum

Output level      Smooth

Waterproof        IPX8

Release date       20th August

Price              $199.95


The package is awesome ,including a high-quality accessories.


. 2 Spare O rings



.Magnetic USB cable

.User manual


   The IMALENT MS06 style designs really so nice the knurling is clearly not rough.the build quality is very well.the pitch of the threads is very fine and square-shard.  Inside that heavy dust spring and well greased thread.which will make this easy to operate and screw off and screw on of the flashlight. Really that is excellent machining and finish.



  The IMALENT MS06 has built-in temperature regulation which will adjust the brightness.While using the high output mode,the flashlight will generate a lot of heat.When the flashlight body temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius,the brightness will decrease to 4000lumens in order to ensure safe,comfortable use and prevent discomfort from overheating.When the flashlight body temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius,the flashlight will not activate turbo.


Detail about operation:

 Single-click: on/off

 Double -click:Turbo

 Another Double click after Turbo :strobe

Four-click:Lock /Unlock

  When the flashlight is on, press and hold the power switch,it will cycle from 200lm-1200lm-2500lm-4000lm-9000lm, release the power switch button will save the needed output level. Double click the power switch in any mode to activate turbo,up to25,000lumens,double click again on the power switch will activate strobe.slightly press the power switch to exit.

power swtich button

Batteries and Charging:

   IMALENT MS06 includes three 4000 capacity magnetic USB rechargeable 21700 Li-ion batteries. Note that this is a proprietary IMALENT Batteries. A regular21700 battery will not work.

21700 batteries

   Users can charge it through any USB port such as a desktop/laptop,USB charger or power bank) and then connect the magnetic head of this cable to the magnetic interface of the flashlight. It will take about 5.5 hours to fully charge the three 4000mAh 21700 batteries. When MS06 is being charged properly, the indicator light will glow red. The LED indicator will glow green if the batteries have reached 4.2 v. It will then stop automatically after 5 seconds.

   We can know some important information only from the top of the tail cover. And you know that , sometimes only exchange the tail cover can solve some issue.

tail cover

    After finishing reading all the MS06 information, are you eager to buy this Lumen monster of MS06? and on 20th August we will Limited supply. Are you ready to become the lucky to order the MS06?