1)Q: Why won’t my DT70/DN70/DT35/DN35 turn on?

  1. Please try the following:
  2. Take out the battery protection pieces,
  3. Screw it as tightly as you can -the flashlight needs a stable high current- if it’s not tight enough, it won’t be able to pass 15A current.
  4. If it still doesn’t work, use a micro-fibre cloth to clean the positive and negative ends and the copper rings inside the flashlight head.
  5. When pressing the right button of the flashlight, make sure it is just a click – not a hold, this would turn off the flashlight after 1 second – so that the flashlight will not turn on when you hold it.
  6. Make sure to charge the batteries before you use the flashlight.


2)Q: When I am charging my Imalent DT70/DN70/DT35/DN35, only the battery signal is blinking, it doesn’t charge.

A: This is because the cap was not screwed on tightly enough, take the cap off and screw on again firmly.


3)Q:What is the color temperature of IMALENTs cold white light flashlights LED?

A:Our color temperature is about 6000K to 6500K….


4)Q: Why does the flashlight’s lens get foggy?

A:The reasons contributing to a foggy lens are as follows:
1.The heat-conducting glue used traps in too much moisture, the moisture is then vaporized onto the lens due to the heat from the light.
2.The assembly environment is too humid.
3.The flashlight body runs too hot once turned-on, some vapour may congeal when touching the glass.


5)Q:I am planning to buy an IMALENT flashlight, where can I buy it?

A: We primarily sell our flashlights from our distributors. If you are interested in our products, please check out our distributor page to find your local distributor. If there is no distributor in your country, or they are out of stock, feel free to purchase from this website, or you can email us at

6)Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: We ship to those countries where we are without a distributor or dealer, or our distributor or dealer without stock.


7)Q: Why does the remote controller on EU06 doesn’t work?
A.First, ensure to turn on the flashlight before you use the remote control.
Second, ensure the remote control indicator and the signal receiver on the flashlight is on the same line.
Third, exchange the battery inside the remote control.


8)Q: My Imalent DN11/DN12 sometimes won’t turn on!


  1. Take out the battery protection pieces
  2. Quickly double touch the touch sensor, if the touch is too slow, it will recognize it as a single or accidental touch – a single touch is used to turn the light off.
  3. Make sure you are touching the touch sensor with your bare skin, and ensure it is firmly on the touch sensor, sometimes it might be a little higher or lower for the sensor to register your touch.
  4. Make sure every part is tightly screwed on and that the battery is fully charged.