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  • 18650 2600mAh Battery

    Available only to US Customers Model: MRB-186P26 Capacity:2600mAh Voltage: 3.7V Weight: 46g Size: 18.3mm*69.2mm Warranty Period: 12 months  
  • 18650 3000mah Battery

    About IMALENT 3000mAh 18650 battery The high-performance IMALENT 3000mAh 18650 battery rechargeable battery is designed for high power consumption devices such as the IMALENT series, as well as other high-power...
  • 2600mAh 18650 Battery

    About IMALENT MRB-186P26 batteryIMALENT MRB-186P26 18650 battery is a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery specifically designed for high-consumption IMALENT devices (designed for high-consumption LED flashlights). MRB-186P26 Features and Specifications Capacity:2600mAh Voltage:...
  • 26350 2000mAh Battery (for BG10)

    The high performance IMALENT MRB-263P20 rechargeable battery is specially designed for high drain devices like the IMALENT Headlamps series and other high power LED search lights and tactical flashlights.Model name:...
  • 26650 4500mah Battery for DN35 and DN70

    Model: MRB-266P45 Capacity: 4500mah Voltage: 3.78V Weight:98g Size: 26.5mm*67.4mm Warranty Period: 12 months
  • 26650 4500mah Battery for DN35 and DN70

    Available only to US Customers Model: MRB-266P45 Capacity: 4500mah Voltage: 3.78V Weight:98g Size: 26.5mm*67.4mm Warranty Period: 12 months
  • 3600mAh 18650 Battery

    About IMALENT MRB-186P36 18650 batteryIMALENT MRB-186P36 is a high-performance 3600mAh rechargeable button top battery. The battery has advanced safety features such as a microporous barrier that protects internal components and...
  • Big flashlight charger

    This charger is used for large flashlights, such as MS18-MS18W-R90TS-R90C-DX80   note:Plug specifications, please note when buying, otherwise delivery according to the plug specifications of the receiving area
  • Carry Bag

    Imalent handbag For  MS12/R90C/R70C/DX80  Outdoor Shoulder bag Main Material: Nylon  Size: 15cm*15cm*25.5cm  Function:  Handbag   Shoulder bag   Capacity: Flashlight,camera,Iphone      
  • DT35 LED Flashlight

    IMALENT DT35 Flashlight Only two are left IMALENT DT35 is a versatile USB rechargeable LED tactical flashlight with multi-level output and OLED display. The OLED display can display battery voltage,...
  • DX80 battery pack

    Overcharge protection voltage: 4.25V + 25MvOvercharge relief voltage 4.15V + 50MvOvercharge detection delay: 1.0SOver discharge protection voltage: 2.50V + 0.08VDischarge discharge voltage 3.0V + 0.1VOvercurrent detection voltage 0.2V + 0.025VOvercurrent...
  • IMALENT DM21C tactical flashlight

    IMALENT DM21C is a multi-functional tactical LED flashlight capable of charging via magnetic USB and integrating an OLED display. Tactical beam output is 2000 lumens, peak beam intensity is 33,630cd,...
  • IMALENT DM21C waist cover

    DM21C waist cover +USB

    IMALENT DM70  The best tactical flashlight IMALENT DM70, although small in size, has excellent performance. This compact body is only 115 mm long, has a maximum output of 4,500 lumens,...
  • IMALENT DM70 waist cover

    This waist cover is for DM70-DM35