What is the brightest flashlight on the market?

Currently, the brightest flashlight on the market is the Imalent MS18. This LED flashlight is capable of an output of nearly 100,000 lumens, and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. But what are lumens, and what are some of the features of the world’s brightest flashlight?

imalent ms18

What are Lumens?

Lumens are the standard unit of measurement for the total quantity of light emitted by a given light source.The more lumens a light source is capable of putting out, the brighter it will be. With the Imalent MS18 being capable of 100,000 lumens output, it’s no wonder it is the best, brightest flashlight available for purchase.

For comparison, a standard 25-watt incandescent light bulb has an output of only around 220 lumens. That means that the Imalent MS18 is over 454 times more luminous than your standard light bulb. Much of this has to do with it’s usage of the brightest type of light currently available: LED’s. But how do the LED lights in the Imalent MS18 make it unique?

What makes LED lights different?

LED, which stands for light emitting diode, is the current leader in lighting technology. With higher lumen output ability than any incandescent or fluorescent lights, these small but powerful lights are quickly becoming the preferred light source for consumers world-wide.

When using high-lumen flashlights, heat often becomes a problem; With most other light sources this persistent heat will eventually cause a burnout. That's why LEDs have heat sinks incorporated directly into their composition, and as a result a properly maintained LED light will never burn out. If used for an incredibly long time, the light output will eventually begin to degrade, but the light itself will never expire in the way a traditional bulb would.

This means LED lights have a very long life span. An LED lifetime is measured by how long it takes to reach a 30% decrease in light output. That means that LED’s, like the ones used in high quality flashlights like the Imalent MS18, can last as long as 50,000 hours. LED lights are also more energy efficient than other types of bulbs, and are up to 90% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts. 


How does the Imalent MS18 compare to other brands of flashlights?

As the first flashlight manufacturer to reach 100,000 Lumens, Imalent is the current world leader in the flashlight industry. Their closest competitor has only managed to reach a brightness of 60,000 lumens, with a very short period of sustainability.The MS18 can also sustain 22,000 lumens for a full hour, a duration that its closest competitor doesn’t even come close to. It can sustain 100,000 lumens for 60 full seconds.

The Imalent MS18 has yet to be surpassed by any competitor in luminosity potential, or high-lumen sustained duration. For over two years, these companies have attempted to compete with the MS18 for the title of “Brightest Flashlight”. Despite their efforts, Imalent continues to beat the competition, and retains it’s championship crown for brightest flashlight in the world.

Here are the Imalent MS18’s closest competitors in luminosity and beam distance:

  • Acebeam: Acebeam’s brightest flashlight, the X70, reaches 60,000 Lumens, 40,000 less than the Imalent MS18. It can travel 1130 Meters, and run for 40 seconds on the highest setting.

  • Olight: Olight’s brightest flashlight, the X9R marauder, reaches 25,000 lumens, running for 3 minutes on it’s highest setting, and reaching 630 meters.

  • Manker: The Manker MK34 can run for 1 hour and 20 minutes on it's maximum setting, but only has an output of 26,000 lumens. The beam travels 283 meters. 

  • Fenix: The Fenix LR40R can last for 45 minutes on it’s highest setting, but only reaches a brightness of 12,000 Lumens, and a distance of 640 meters. 

  • Astrolux: Astrolux MF01S can only achieve a brightness of 15,000 lumens, reaching a distance of 616. Meters. The exact runtime on its highest setting can not be found online.

Part of the reason for this superior output is the cutting edge technology that goes into the Imalent MS18. 18 separate Cree XHP70.2 LEDS comprise the light array within the flashlight, giving it it’s overwhelming illumination potential. Cree LEDS are an incredibly high-performance version of a traditional LED, and are known for their increased efficiency and durability.

The OLED display also allows the user to access a constantly updating diagnostic screen on their MS18. This screen gives you access to an intelligent temperature control, lumen output settings, charging status, and current battery voltage. This simple and easy to use display lets you adjust and monitor every aspect of your MS18, allowing you to use the device exactly how you want to. 

What are the benefits of owning the world’s brightest flashlight?

Besides getting to tell your friends you own the world’s brightest flashlight, there are countless benefits of choosing an Imalent MS18. The light from an MS18 can reach 1350 meters, or 4429 feet. That is nearly 15 football fields in length!

Another noteworthy benefit is that, with the MS18, you are essentially getting 9 flashlights in 1. Each mode utilizes a different level of luminosity, allowing you to adjust your MS18’s brightness to whatever situation requires. The highest setting produces the 100,000 lumens the MS18 is famous for, and each setting steps this power down to 700 lumens. At this level, the flash light can run for over 14 consecutive hours. The final mode, strobe, is a crowd control setting that can disorient and disperse large groups of people.

Another benefit is the durability of the device. This flashlight will not flicker under quick movement, as the battery is equipped with gold-plated contacts. This ensures a solid battery connection at all times. The MS18 is made of aluminium alloy, a high performance material known for being virtually indestructible. These flashlights can withstand impacts from as high as 1.5 meters, and are IP56 rated for weather proofness. This means that it can handle hard rains or waves in rough seas without the risk of suffering damage to its internal components. 

What Industries does the Imalent MS18 work best for?

The Imalent MS18 is an excellent choice for professionals the best, brightest flashlight money can buy. The many different facets of this high performance device are perfect for a wide array of industries and occupations. Any job that requires bright illumination and durable, high-quality equipment can be handled by the Imalent MS18.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue teams rely on high output lighting to help them find lost and injured civilians. Whether a hiker has strayed from the beaten path, or a wilderness camper has become stuck in a vast forest, these teams need a way to make it easier for them to see in vision-impaired scenarios. As the world’s brightest flashlight, the Imalent MS18 would be unparalleled in its ability to cast a spotlight on dense wooded areas, even in the dead of night. This could save Search and Rescue valuable time in finding those who need help.

Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement agents need a sturdy flashlight when searching for suspects, lighting crime scenes, and dealing with possible attackers. The MS18 is powerful enough to blind would-be criminals, and would have no trouble finding them even if they attempt to hide. In addition to its power, the MS18 also comes equipped with a strobe mode. This mode is adept at dispersing crowds with powerful pulsating light capable of disorienting even the most unruly group. 


Those in the farming industry know how dangerous wildlife predators can be, and how vulnerable certain species of livestock are to being attacked and killed. With the Imalent MS18, farmers can scare away these predators safely, without the risk involved in using a gun or other lethal implement. When you use firearms to deal with wildlife, there is always the chance you could accidentally hit some of your valuable livestock. That's why the Imalent MS18 is the perfect tool for these situations. 

Where can I get the world’s brightest flashlight?

If you want to ensure that your flashlight is the most powerful model available on the planet, you will have to go with the only flashlight manufacturer that makes it: Imalent.

Imalent not only makes the MS18, but a variety of other powerful LED flashlights. We are the world leaders in illumination, and maintain this position through our constant innovation and ingenuity. If you want a reliable device that will last, Imalent is the company for you.

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