The presentation of IMALENT MS03

by Somos Digital Collaborator on August 03, 2020

   A few days ago, there was a sudden rainstorm, power outages in the factory, and I was rushing to repair the equipment. I took out my IMALENT MS03. At that time, there was another amazing in the surprised eyes from my workmates. IMALENT become focus.


   IMALENT MS03 is palm -sized tiny master EDC flashlight with three cree XHP70 leds. powered by one 21700 li-ion battery with built-in type c USB charging,it emits a max of 13000 lumens and beam distance of 324 meters. The body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and  anti-resistant type III hard -anodized surface treatment. Also have 6output level, push-button dimming, simple operation. It is satisfied to be used in various occasions.IMALENT MS03 have so many good features.such as Pocket size, precise and compact design, also intelligent temperature control, power monitoring, low-voltage warning indicate. MS03 is more suitable for flashlightholic, and  daily work, adventure, search. IMALENT MS03 is the best lighting tool in the outside.

Packaging and configuration


   IMALENT MS03 is a gift box packaging,the appearance of the outside box color is can that is MS03 picture on the front box.On the back of the packaging box shows the important data,factory information and certification marks for environmental safety.

   The overall design is stylish, atmospheric, and tasteful, and it is indeed unique. the The details in the box are also considered very thoughtful, and the black silk ribbon is intimately designed with the embellishment design of the pulled out tube. The inner lining of the box is also made of cardboard and foam plastic, which is simple and environmentally friendly, and it is full of taste.

   Unpacking, you can see IMALENT MS03 flashlight, the original 21700, a 4000mAh li-ion battery, a USB charging cable, two o rings and user manual, lanyard . The workmanship of this flashlight cover is really good, the size is suitable and the workmanship is fine.


Detailed description

   When MS03 is first in your hand, there is a layer of plastic film on the lens, reminding users to remove the plastic film before using it for the first time. And the edge of the film is specially marked with red, so please give IMALENT a thumbs-up.


    The basic flashlight information on the tail cover. Only can see the tail cover ,you can already know the product name,model, battery and the maximum lumens.


   When your first time to use this IMALENT MS03,the first you should remove the inside plastic.from this can see IMALENT really do good job to prevent dangerous things happen.

   In the blew pic, you can also inside heavy dust spring inside the tail cap with greased thread. Very good quality.


     The tail thread is very long, and it takes a lot of twists to tighten or remove it. There is no thread at the front end of the thread, which is the contact surface reserved for the end surface to conduct electricity to prevent wear and tear from not long enough.


    There are a total of two lanyard holes on each side of the body radiating fin. The heat dissipation fin where the lanyard hole is located belongs to a plane, which can effectively prevent the flashlight from rolling when placed.


    The buttons are just in the palm holding position, which is ergonomic, and will not feel the discomfort of shrinking hands and feet during operation.There is a battery indicator below the stainless steel button, and the indicator can be turned on and off. The design is more humane, if the indicator light flashes or even turns red, please charge it in time.


   IMALENT MS03 flashlight well optimized in circuit ,even in low power will not flash.  


     The battery have direct charging function, and the charging port is a TYPE-C charging port,which is easy to operate regardless of both sides.

     The IMALENT MS03 is  the waterproof IPX8, which is 2 meters underwater. For this flashlight, the key to waterproofing is the sealing treatment of the side button. After the test, the components work normally and no abnormalities .


    Below pics taken from outside for your reference in the night





    IMALENT MS03 flashlight as a multi-output rechargeable button-type LED flashlight, which is basically favored by flashlightholic, in addition to the pocket size, easy to carry and it is really used for working ,expedition,searching, and rescue.

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