CREE XHP 70 2nd for IMALENT flashlight

by Somos Digital Collaborator on July 16, 2020

  Cree launched the second-generation ultra-high-power XHP70 second-generation in 2017. Since then, IMALENT has been using the most advanced XHP 70 second-generation led. This is also the preferred led for IMALENT flashlights, which is higher than the first-generation products. 9% light output (lm) and 18% light effect (lm/W). In the same size, the lumen density of XHP70 2nd  can be increased by 58% compared with previous LED flashlights.


   XHP70 2nd LED can provide higher luminous efficiency, allowing us to easily upgrade IMALENT products and continue to maintain the leading position in performance. We are always constantly exploring, making progress, using the most advanced Led, advancing with the times, research and development Various IMALENT flashlights.

XHP 70 2nd  one led :

With one XHP70 2nd LED, IMALENT  designed its fashion and compact IMALENTLD70, which has four colors,black, gold,blue and green. IMALENTLD70 uses one CREE XHP70 2ND LED, with built-in rechargeable 18350 1100mAh Li-ion battery, the maximum output can be up to 4000lumens. Since its release, we have got lots of positive feed backs and reviews. One LD70 includes: flashlight, USB magnetic charging cable, lanyard, user manual. It is a compact, easy carry, palm-sized and also pocket sized key chain flashlight, which is easy to operate and perfect gift choice.

IMALENT LD70 4000 lumen flashlight

 XHP 70 2nd  three leds:

  IMALENT chooses XHP 70 2nd to design MS03, which is a portable flashlight with USB Type-C charging Port.. Fitted with three XHP 70 2nd leds, the light delivers a max output of 13000 lumens and a max beam distance of 324 meters. With the included 4000mAh/21700 battery, It is worth mentioning that the light is capable of tail standing.One IMALENT MS03 includes :flashlight, 40000mAH/21700 battery,USB charging cable,lanyard,holster,o rings,user manual. the flashlight is versatile in numerous application scenarios. You must be surprised at what the light offers for outdoor activities and emergency situations.

 IMALENT MS03 13000 lumen flashlight

XHP 70 2nd eight leds:

IMALENT DX80 with eight XHP 70 2nd leds is a super bright searching flashlight that blasts a max output of 32000-lumen and a max beam distance of 806 meters. . The amount of light IMALENT DX80 flashlight emits is truly remarkable, a wide beam angle and strobe function are quite ideal for Search and Rescue.   Which uses eight built in rechargeable 3000mAh/18650 Li-ion battery,The battery level indicator lets you know the status of your batteries. One IMALENT DX80 includes:flashlight,charger,lanyard,holster ,O rings, user manual, Once you see the raw power of a 32000-lumen flashlight, you will never feel troubled at night adventures, such as searching, caving, patrolling, etc.

IMALENT DX80 32000lumens Flashlight

XHP 70 2nd eighteen leds:

  With the concerted efforts of the R&D team, IMALENT uses eighteen Cree XHP 70 2nd Leds to successfully create the IMALENT MS18 ,which has built-in eight rechargeable 4000mAh/21700 Li-ion batteries, the maximum output can be up to 100,000lumen. One MS18 includes: flashlight (built in battery), charger, shoulder strap, O rings,user manual. MS18 is the terminator of darkness, IMALENT team are proud of MS18, many social platforms, media, community have reported IMALENT MS18,holding IMALENT MS18, you feel like holding a sun in your hand. You see, 100000lumens is deserved to be named the terminator of darkness.

IMALENT MS18 100000 lumen flashlight

  In the flashlight industry, IMALENT can be regarded as a leader, but IMALENT never boast, IMALENT will consistently keep  a humble heart and bring the best IMALENT to everyone with the best flashlight.