MS12 MINI Review

Author: Charles BridgTec

Here is the, all new/brand new Imalent MS12 Mini flashlight kit. This is a jaw dropping performer. This thing puts out a whopping 65,000 lumens of a sheer wall of light.

The fans are not very loud. They are efficient in helping keep the light cooler at the higher temperatures.

The large wide beam profile will illuminate a huge area at once. This is sporting twelve Cree XHP70.2 LED's.

The battery pack will provide very good runtimes. The looks are a little bit less stealthy but still looks great. Top notch build quality which you come to expect from Imalent.

 The UI is simple. The quick wall charging system will get you charged up quickly for your next adventure. Holster will allow for side carry but this will get heavy if carried for a long time so use the included lanyard to protect your investment.

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