MS03 Review 13,000 Lumens EDC Flashlight

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Imalent is well-known for its incredibly bright edc flashlights— the MS03 is an excellent example of that.

But the problem is, is that 13,000 lumens really worth it? Are the LEDs of high quality? And you should be getting the picture.You’ll definitely like the package; Imalent takes its branding very seriously, after all. Every piece is neatly placed, and it’s a comprehensive package.

Next, I took it to my hand and held it for a moment. My conclusion? It feels pretty great. The length doesn’t exceed the maximum span of my palm (I have an average-sized palm, don’t worry), and it’s DEFINITELY lightweight.

I tested the grip also with wet hands and a pair of thick gloves; it has an excellent, dependable grip. This is in addition to a very ergonomic design. The tail stand capacity is perfect; it stays stable as long as the surface is flat.

Next, I proceeded to check its overall performance.

The user interface is very simple; for example, double-clicking for the turbo setting and triple clicking for the lockout mode — all of this works perfectly; there’s no latency whatsoever. But it took me a few minutes to familiarize the pattern.

But don’t worry — you’re not a professional flashlight reviewer who deals with hundreds of user interfaces. Just to be sure, I’d suggest you to bookmark this page in case you want to refresh your mind about the user interface.

Oh, I almost forgot; the memory function is pretty awesome too, but I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t work for strobe mode.

The thermal control feature is definitely mention-worthy. It responds well to ambient temperature drops and escalations, and that’s why your flashlight will stay safe.

The switch indicators are useful. I also like how the indicator light shows whether the light is locked or unlocked. It would have irritated me if it wasn’t there.

What about the light? Fantastic.

I started from the lowest mode, 150 lumens, which was VERY bright. Although middle modes are typically designed for everyday use, even the low mode is impressively bright. And, I was slowly going up mode by mode, across the middle levels.

The lumen gap is significantly apparent, and that’s how Imalent makes the MS03 a truly versatile flashlight. There’s no bright spot; the beam is perfectly dispersed, and I found it comfortable to my eyes too.

The runtime of the low mode was almost correct. But the middle modes actually ran past the specs runtimes as expected. Eventually, I came to the turbo mode.

If I were to summarize my reaction, it was an inaudible “wow” — the light is ASTONISHINGLY bright. It’s so bright that I’m pretty sure that you can disorient an attacker just by this. The throw of over two football fields lives up o the expectations too.

Imalent MS03 on a human's hand

So, it’s safe to say that the Imalent MS03 is VERY bright.

The charging time was 2 hours and 20 minutes for me. I believe the coldness of my room might have sped up the time — it’s a relief to see that Imalent is being very honest about the flashlight’s specs.

I never check the impact/drop resistance; let’s be honest, it’s my only unit, and I intend on using it. But in my experience, Imalent is one of the brands that has PROVED these resistance attributes — let’s take their word for it.

That being said, I did keep my MS03 in my bathtub for about 15-20 minutes — absolutely nothing had changed. It was the same result when I used the bidet shower and the bathroom shower on it (like rain). So, the Imalent MS03 is perfectly waterproof.

In Conclusion

Imalent has always been a reliable flashlight brand with impressive designs; the 13,000 lumens MS03 flashlight is definitely one of those memorable flashlights.

It’s not even just the massive lumen output but the fact that all the other features work together harmoniously. At the end of the day, you just need a dependable and powerful flashlight.

Well, this will be my new EDC flashlight — that’s how dependable this flashlight really is.

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