This torch is an excellent flashlight overall. It was shipped and delivered extremely quickly (3 days) and is very bright, as expected.

The 8 XHP 70.2 LEDs provide an immense wide spread of flood and the SBT90.2 is nicely focused and allows a shallow beam, perfect for spot, which having this combination is rather unique to the MR90 which IMALENT has done an awesome job on as well.

As have the option of easily switching between spot, flood, spot, and flood through the triple click on the switch. A well-considered feature across the imalent flashlight is having the 'lock mode' where essentially, you have to click 4 times to turn on or off the flashlight, preventing misclicks to turn on which can potentially result in fires. 

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IMALENT MR90 50000 lumen flashlight
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IMALENT MS03  13000 lumens brightest EDC flashlight - imalentstore
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