IMALENT R60C Review video

by Xinling Yang on February 23, 2021
IMALENT R60C Torrent left me really well impressed. Starting from the quality of the sales package, from the accessories, such as the excellent holster and the cable with the practical magnetic connector.

R60C is compact with a beautiful design, it is well built in materials such as the electronic button, the aluminum reflector or the anodization with an excellent anti-slip knurling. IMALENT R60C is powered by three high-performance lithium batteries (35A) in 21700 format (replaceable) and is able to deliver a maximum power of 18000 lumens, reaching approximately the considerable distance of a kilometer with the beam. Good user interface for the management of the six available levels, with a simple user interface, complete with memory and electronic block. Fast charging of the batteries (in parallel) that bring the final voltage to the right value of 4.20V.

In conclusion, a product recommended in particular for search and rescue, exploration, caving etc.