Imalent MS06, 25,000 Lumens Flashlight- Charles BridgTec(review)

by Somos Digital Collaborator on September 01, 2020
Here is the all new/brand new Imalent MS06 flashlight kit. Sporting six world famous Cree XHP70.2 LED's. This is a flood beast. Smaller than a can of soda. Don't let the size fool you for it can put out 25,000 lumens. This is powered by three 21700 cells for all the power this light needs to achieve very good runtimes. Turbo is not going to stay on very long but no worries it will cycle down to a safe level. Turbo is great for short bursts. This can be recharged on the go with its USB magnetic charging cable. UI is simple. Build quality is very nice but beam performance is incredible.