Imalent MR90 50,000 Lumens Flashlight Kit Review! (Best of Both Worlds!)

Author:Charles BridgTec

Here is the all new Imalent MR90 flashlight kit. Sporting the Cree XHP70.2 and Luminus SBT-90.2 LEDs for the best of both worlds of flood and throw. This can be used as a thrower or flood light on by themselves. The dual cooling fans help keep the light cool and give better runtimes. The build quality is very nice. Rugged as well. The included wall charger will quickly get you back up and adventuring in no time. The battery pack is powerful 16,000mAh consisting of four 21700 cells. The UI is simple to operate. Holster belt loop is too small to even fit thru a normal size belt through it to side carry this beast. This is not too big but is a little heavy which is to be expected. The flood beam this produces is wide and will show a large area all at once. This light has impressive runtimes for its size and light output.

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