Top 5 Camping Flashlights to Buy in 2022!


Listening to birds' melodious chirpings, watching the crackling campfire and the tiny sparks fly, falling asleep under the star. These are things we love to do at night when we’re out camping.

Imagine staying out in the woods in the dark, and now you have to find your way back to your tent. Sometimes, a good flashlight to hand could be the only way out of a life-and-death situation.

Maybe you’re planning to go camping, but you’re unsure what flashlight to buy. Here’s a detailed review of the top five flashlights perfect for your camping.

Three Reasons Why You Specifically Need A Camping Flashlight!

You might be tempted to ask, but isn’t the regular torchlight or a phone’s torch enough. The truth is, you specifically need a camping flashlight. Here are a few things that a camping flashlight does for you.

  • There are no auxiliary power supplies or lights in the woods. A camping flashlight helps you stay safe at night because of its brightness level.

  • The environment isn’t all that smooth and rock-free. There will be many rocks, roots, and holes in the wild. A good camping flashlight will prevent you from tripping or sustaining injuries.

  • While camping, your flashlight could also be used as a beacon at night. Your flashlight ensures that you are seen at night.

Top 5 Camping Flashlights Reviews!

With the rapid advancements of LED technology in the market, it is easy to pick a flashlight that emits bright light and can serve you for hours. One easy way to find a flashlight is to have a flashlight designed with multiple adjustable light modes.

The IMALENT MS12MINI powerful LED flashlight is arguably the best-LED flashlight for camping trips. It has an average lumen output of over 65000 lumens. This flashlight has a high-performing power circuit that helps maintain its brightness.

This bright search flashlight is also built with a thermal control module sensitive to temperature changes. It adjusts the brightness level immediately to suit the temperature or working state.

 The battery of this flashlight can last up to 31 hours. Ultimately, it is a must-have for all your camp outings. The price of this flashlight ranges between $400 - $500 USD


  • It is pocket-friendly

  • Up to 65,000 lumens of brightness

  • Has strong brightness level

  • It has a runtime of up to 4 hours

  • it is water-resistant

  • this flashlight is designed with 6 six different modes


  • it is expensive

  • Large body diameter.

2.IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight


This flashlight is considered the world’s brightest, used mainly by professionals in the oil/Gas, law enforcement, search & rescue, industrial inspections, and security sectors. It delivers more brightness output than a lot of other camping flashlights out there.

This MS18 also holds the record of being the most powerful camping flashlight. Once this flashlight is activated, the light can travel 1,250cm. It can light up a large field. The IMALENT MS18 flashlight is also comes designed to control heat easily.

Additionally, it can be used in livestock security, police manhunts, emergency fire starter, wilderness search, theft-deterrent, and many others


  • It is resistant to liquids

  • Brightness up to 100,000 lumens

  • It can be used in all weather or on terrains

  • It has an enormous power capacity of about 32,000 mAH and can last up to 14 hours

  • Designed with 9 different operating modes


  • The MS18 is long and weighty

  • It also expensive to acquire

3.IMALENT MS03 Flashlight


The MSO3 is seemingly the brightest EDC flashlight compared to other flashlights of its size. When the flashlight is switched on, it can emit light up to a distance of 324m while lighting up a vast environment. This flashlight is built to be durable, high-strength, and water-resistant aluminum. Being water-resistant means that you will not need to carry your MS03 with you as your EDC.

One unique feature of this flashlight is that you have quick access to strobe and turbo. This flashlight is easily rechargeable with a Type-C charger and can last up to 27 hours when fully charged. Professionals commonly use it in the security, self-defense, and security area.


  • It comes with a built-in Type-C US Charger

  • It fits nicely on the palm, and it is also pocket-friendly

  • Suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.

  • It has a battery indicator


  • It has a beam distance of 324 meters

  • It doesn’t have a long-range

4. IMAENT RS50 20000 Lumen Flashlight


The RS50 is another easy-to-use rechargeable flashlight that comes in a compact size. It has a maximum output of over 20,000 lumens.

It is the most extended beam distance flashlight, with an ultra-low throw distance flashlight. This flashlight is also built with a fan-powered heat shield and two heat releases fans—the fan and heat help ensure that the torch's temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.


  • Resistant to water

  • It can run up to 30 hours

  • Has the ability to travel up to 1160m


  • It has an overall net weight of 625m

  • It has a small size

5.IMALENT LD70 4000 Lumen Powered EDC flashlight Lumens


IMALENT LD70 is one of the few flashlights with beautiful designs and shapes. Although it was smaller than many flashlights, it is twice the brightness of most EDC flashlights. It is an overly powerful top-quality flashlight. It is a perfect recommendation for people that love to go fishing and hunting


  • It fits nicely in the pocket

  • It has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours

  • It is designed with an in-built 1100mAH battery

  • Fast charging is enabled


  • It is smaller than most flashlights

  • Cannot cover a long distance

  • The battery doesn’t last more than 15 hours

A Buying Guide on Camping Flashlights!

Buying a flashlight for camping can be tricky at times. Your choice will be based on your needs, how much light you need, how long you need it to last at night, is it pocket-friendly, or are you looking for large-sized light.

It would be best to answer those questions to determine what flashlight is perfect for you. Here is a list of things to look out for when choosing a flashlight


Your budget is one of the foremost things to consider when trying purchasing a camping flashlight. Flashlight prices can be around $400. Going for the cheapest flashlight might mean that you are ready to compromise quality.


Your budget is one of the foremost things to consider when trying purchasing a camping flashlight. Flashlight prices can be around $400. Going for the cheapest flashlight might mean that you are ready to compromise quality.

Run Time

A flashlight's run time is the number of hours a flashlight can remain on before it is recharged or before the battery goes down. Because you won’t be going camping with an additional electrical or solar power source, you will need a flashlight that can last for many hours, at least throughout the night.

Most times, the runtime of a flashlight is affected by the brightness level. The higher the brightness, the lesser the runtime.


The size of your flashlight is another factor to consider when buying a flashlight. The best size flashlights are the ones that can easily fit in your pocket and has plenty of grip and space


Imagine getting a new flashlight for every camping trip simply because the previous flashlight wasn’t made to last. That can be discouraging. Therefore, to avoid money buying a new flashlight now and then, you need a flashlight that can endure inevitable physical abuse or stress before it stops working.

Power source

Batteries are not the only source of power for flashlights in general. No one enjoys buying batteries now and then for flashlights. It is advisable to have a flashlight that can be used for years without spending more on batteries.

Additionally, it would be best to have a rechargeable torch with a considerably fast charging time.


This might seem a bit negligible for most persons. You do need a flashlight that can survive wetness without tripping off. Sometimes, you might be forced to do a thing or two under the rain during the rainy season. If your flashlight isn’t water-resistant, that will be a challenge for you.

Light Modes

This is another critical factor you should look into when buying a flashlight. Go for a flashlight that is designed with different light modes. Having the ability to adjust the brightness of your flashlight is something you will often do, especially if you want to conserve energy. It should have the standard light modes – low, medium, dim and high. 

The Price

The flashlight price should be the last consideration when buying your flashlight. It's not sensible to spend small on an item you don't want. Also, there is no need to buy an item that will inconvenience you in your activities. You need to check the type of flashlight you want using the above guideline, and then buy it. Going for cheap items will land you on inferior flashlights that won't serve the purpose.


Flashlights are an essential camping toolkit. It would be best to find the one that satisfies your camping needs to have precisely what you need and when you need it, and you don’t get left out in the dark. From all the flashlights we have reviewed, which one would likely spend your money on and why.