TikTok Trending Flashlight | IMALENT Super Flashlights

We are pretty familiar with flashlights, but none would think a household gadget like this could start a trend on one of the biggest social media platforms for youngsters - Tiktok. 

In the last few months, a Florida Influencer named Kyle Krueger has started to show off his flashlight collection via his channel on TikTok. In a relatively short period of time, many people who went through TikTok for a dose of daily entertainment were shocked by his crazy collection of unique and OP flashlights, including the world’s brightest flashlight - Imalent MS18 with 100,000 lumens output, which he took it to the highest building in Maples, Florida. That video gained over 100 Million views.

So what are the flashlights in Kyle’s collection? And why are they so mind-blowing? Millions of people are stunned by their performance! In this article, we will closely examine three of the most popular flashlight models: Imalent MS18, Imalent LD70, and a button size keychain flashlight. 

What’s the world’s brightest flashlight?

If you are into outdoor activities such as camping and caving, you probably heard your friends bragging about how bright their flashlights are before. But this powerful flashlight with the 18 most advanced CREE LEDs might shut them up with a double-press( Turbo mode ). 

The world’s current brightest flashlight is Imalent MS18, the brand that’s famous for its appetite for high-lumen portable lighting solutions. The Imalent MS18 has a maximum output of 100,000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 1,308 meters. The flashlight is so powerful, and it requires a cooling system to make air circulation more efficient. 

Professionals in S&R widely use it, coast guards, military, and anywhere needing a little help illuminating a large area. 

world brightest flashlight

Super Bright Tiny Flashlights

In Kyle’s TikTok videos, he primarily showed two of his tiny flashlights, a button size tiny flashlight, and Imalent LD70, they are in the same category of small keychain flashlights with different specs. For example, the button size keychain flashlight has a max output of 500 lumens, while the LD70 has an eight times brighter output at 4,000 lumens. To understand which tiny powerful flashlight works best for you, here are the essential specs to pay attention to. 

1. Lumen Output and LEDs

The Imalent LD70 features a single CREE XHP70.2 LED, which generates a flood beam of up to 4,000 lumens. The button size flashlight features 2 OSRAM P8 LEDs, generating a flood beam of up to 500 lumens. OSRAM LEDs are generally considered inferior to CREE LEDs. 

2. Size & Battery Life

The button size flashlight gained its name for being super small and bright, the length is 46.6 mm and the head size is 12.5 mm, and let’s be fair, you can’t expect a tiny flashlight like this to have a large room for batteries. It lasts for 45 minutes on 200 lumens, which is qualified as a backup light if you don’t travel a long way. 

The Imalent LD70 has 4,000 lumens and is slightly heavier than the button size flashlight, the length is 81, and the head size is 25mm. The LD70’s size is almost twice larger as the button size flashlight, but it’s eight times brighter and lasts for 3 hours and 50 minutes at 200 lumens. Not only does it work as a perfect backup light for outdoor activities, it’s also a brilliant EDC light for urban activities.

3. Styling

The button size flashlight looks small and comes in black, while the Imalent LD70 has four color options, including military green, blue, gold, and black, for your preference. 

What About Power Bank Flashlight?

The term “power bank flashlight” refers to a bright flashlight that supports two-way charging. It can be a beneficial feature if you need your phone to stay powered in an emergency. The best power bank flashlight is Imalent SR32 with 120,000 lumens. The new world’s brightest flashlight is due to be released in march 2023. Not only it’s incredibly bright, but by equipping 32 CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs, the SR32 is also the highest candela flashlight with 1,092,000 cd. 

The SR32 is powered by a battery pack including 8 21700 40T batteries, and it can last for 250 hours at 2 lumens, which makes it the most long-lasting flashlight. 

Several perks of the Imalent SR32 make it the best flashlight on the market. It’s another milestone in the flashlight development led by Imalent. 

What Are the High End Bright and Compact Flashlights

High-end and bright flashlights can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as adventures and S&R missions. Imalent is a leading brand in the high-end flashlight community, and its superior quality and unmatched brightness is implacable. Here are the best high-end bright and compact flashlights from Imalent. 

The best high-end small flashlight - LD70

Imalent LD70 is a keychain flashlight that produces a brighter beam than car headlights. It packs a bunch in performance, but the aluminum alloy body also makes this flashlight tough and impact resistant. 

high end small flashlight ld70

The best high-end EDC flashlight - Imalent MS03

There are no other EDC flashlights as bright and as compact as the Imalent MS03. Featuring 3 XHP70.2 LEDs and a single 21700 high-capacity battery, the MS03 weighs merely 187 grams but produces a max output of 13,000 lumens. 

The best high-end compact flashlight - MS12 Mini

MS12 Mini is a compact can-size flashlight that roars with its magnificent, projected beam with up to 65,000-lumen output, and the MS12 Mini is the best compact flashlight ever. 

high end flashlight MS12 Mini


These are the flashlights Kyle Krueger has shown in his video, and they aren’t like any ordinary torch light, but smaller, brighter, and more advanced. The development of modern LED flashlights is advancing, and the new brightest flashlight is nearly ready to meet the world - A brighter and safer world.