The best 8 Work Tool Flashlight

The Imalent MS Flashlights are powerful, highly efficient, and built with heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum metal. These flashlights are incredibly user-friendly to light up large spaces and function in challenging weather conditions.

Innovatively designed Imalent flashlights are the best option for professionals who have a passion for unforgiving activities. These flashlights are waterproof, shock-resistant, and offer extended life use. The M-series technology-infused flashlights are used in livestock management applications, research, security, avalanche rescue, military pursuits, law enforcement, etc. 


8 flashlights with outstanding features

The high-strength and oxidation-resistant aluminum body constructed flashlight can meet the challenging requirement for daily life, outdoor activities, and repair work. 

imalent MS12 MINI powerful flashlight

65,000 lumens and a compact size LED flashlight comes with a wide beam angle and a maximum beam distance of 1036 meters. The flashlight has a built-in battery indicator that ensures enough blinding power and indicates the battery power level to plan the operation meticulously. 

MS12 MINI is composed of high-strength and oxidation-resistant aluminum that is 1m impact resistant as well. The aerospace quality aluminum alloy-built structure is resistant to wear and tear. It also uses Type III hard surface treatment. It uses rechargeable 4 lithium 21700 batteries of 4000mAh, for its power requirement, and it offers a run time of roughly 31 hours.

Imalent MS18 brightest flashlight

The 100,000 lumens flashlight can tame the sun's light. MS18 is also known as the ambassador of light as it uses CREE's high-power LEDs that can burn approximately 50,000 hours. It can light up to 1350m and is compatible to use in varied weathers and terrains. The all-weather flashlight comes with a waterproof rating of IP56 and 1.5m impact resistance.

MS18 uses 8 lithium 21700 batteries of 4,000mAh each to deliver more than 14 hours of continuous beaming. The flashlight features an outlet fan, silent intel, and an in-built heat pipe radiator to facilitate excellent heat dissipation. This work tool flashlight is invaluable for security, industrial uses, and rescue missions. Further, its self-charging circuit ensures safety and convenience for the users. The above-listed features are second to the remarkable design of these flashlights.

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IMALENT MS18 high lumen flashlight

Imalent MS08 34000 lumen flashlight

The rechargeable compact MS08 LED flashlight can deliver 34,000 lumens, and it uses 18 pieces of 2nd generation American CREE XHP70 LED. It can cover a beaming distance of up to 738 meters is ideal for search and rescue operations. For better lumen power, it uses 4 lithium 21700 batteries of 4000mAh. The built-in heat release fans and fan-powered heat shield ensure that the user never feels troubled during night hours.

MS08 flashlight has an instant turbo output that can activate with a side power switch. Its circuit design can deliver 10,000 lumens continuously, making it a dependable gadget during rescue operations. The rechargeable battery flashlights use the fan-enabled heat shield to adjust the brightness by the functional status and outside temperature. It is waterproof and has an aluminum OP reflector. 

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imalent ms08

Imalent MS06 25000 lumens flashlight

MS06 is a can-sized waterproof flashlight engineered with the latest technology and blasts out 25,000 lumens on turbo. It covers a wide beam distance of 513m approximately. Law enforcement officers and security personnel love the gadget because it easily fits inside their jacket pocket and gives quick access to turbo and strobe features.

The flashlight uses three 21700 lithium batteries of 4000mAh to support the lumen power. It comes with an IPX8 waterproof rating and can successfully resist up to 2-meter-deep water pressure with an impact resistance of 1.5 meters. Its built-in magnetic USB port charger also has a current battery-level display feature, making it user-friendly. The flashlight can run for 31 hours.

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The brightest EDC flashlight, Imalent MS03 13000 Lumen

This Lithium battery flashlight is brighter than any other flashlight of similar size and can reach 324 meters. The flashlight is handy for fishing, exploring, hunting, security, patrolling, rescuing, etc.

The practical and robust design is highly durable, sturdy, and oxidation-resistant. Its tail stand capability and 1.5m impact resistance make it very user-friendly. It is powered by one 4000mAh lithium-ion 21700 rechargeable battery that can last for 27 hours and is chargeable using a type-C USB.

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IMALENT MS03  13000 lumens brightest EDC flashlight - imalentstore

Imalent R90TS 36000 lumens flashlight

Equipped for a range of up to 1750m and an output of 36000LM, R90TS is ideal to use in any challenging conditions. The ergonomic design provides a sturdy grip and has an in-built safety feature for self-testing the charging circuit. The flashlight uses 18 HI LED of American CREE XHP35 to confirm the lumen power and offers 19 hour run time with 8 lithium 21700 batteries of 4000mAh.

The R90TS MS Flashlight comes with thermal control module to ensure brightness adjustment for hassle-free use. It also has eight output levels that can change in no time, and they can power by instant turbines. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy body makes it wear-resistant. It also complies with IP56 waterproof standards and can safely use under heavy water current.  

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IMALENT R90TS 36000 lumens flashlight

Imalent DX80 32000 lumens flashlight

7.The flashlight uses 8 pieces of 2nd generation American CREFF XHP70 LED for delivering a maximum of 32,000 lumens up to 168 hours. It operates at a maximum output of 32,000 lumens and reaches a distance of 806meters maximum. The rechargeable battery flashlights have an intelligent design that focuses on maximizing the brightness and runtime and can utilize in different environments.

DX80 comes with an improved state-of-the-art circuit design, which lets the user understand the voltage, lumen output, and operation modes supported by an OLED display that will allow the user to plan the flashlight operation properly. The OLED display of voltage, charging status, lumens output, and overheating warning ensure complete user control. Advance features of a tactile pressure switch and instant turbo mode prioritize the user’s comfort and control expectations. These features will ensure excellent ease of use in outdoor activities like storms and darkness.

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IMALENT DX80 32000lumens Flashlight

MS12 LED Mini flashlight

With a powerful reach of 1036 meters, the 65,000 lumen MS12 LED flashlight is an all-time favorite for rescue and search operators. The flashlight uses 12 2nd generation XHP 70 American LEDs, and they can burn more than 50,000 hours.

MS12 Mini flashlight uses 4 lithium 21700 rechargeable batteries of 4000mAh, and the user can get a run time of up to 4 hours. This LED flashlight uses a tough ultra-clear mineral and a reflection-proof coating glass. It is perfect for varied situations with a built-in cooling fan, sidelights, a high-grade pressure switch on the side, and the potential to light 8 output levels. It also has a ‘hide strobe’ feature that ensures safety when used suddenly.

General Features and Highlights

Infused LED Flashlight Technology

Imalent has been pioneering LED flashlight technology for years together. They were the first to incorporate air cooling and vapor-cooled dissipaters into their flashlight. Few competitors can match their output in high-power flashlights as Imalent is into continuous innovation.

More Lumens

Imalent flashlights have features that ensure value for money. They tend to offer 7% - 425% more lumens for each dollar than their competitors. The brightest of flashlights cost approximately .01$-.006$ per lumen. The high-lumen flashlights are great to keep in sight as they affect the light within 150-200 meters depending on the brightness. High-lumen flashlights have the perfect accessories for ensuring individual protection. The variety of flashlight options available at Imalent can suit varied needs of camping, security, patrolling, personal use, hiking, exploring, outdoor activities, and a lot more.

State Of the Art Design

The flashlight design is comfortable to hold and user-friendly. It uses a type-C cable for charging. Combining the lithium battery with a series circuit is less costly and easy to design, unlike designing a parallel boost circuit. The paralleled circuit battery recharging is the safest way to recharge every battery simultaneously within the circuit. Imalent uses authentic LEDs from industries leading manufacturers like CREE. They are reliable, bright, high-performing, and produce lots of light.

Uncompromised Quality

The M-series Imalent flashlight comes with an aircraft-grade high-quality aluminum metal body making it durable and unbreakable. Further, it has been enriched with a Type III black anodized coating to get an appealing look. The mighty LED is placed correctly into precise reflectors. M-series flashlights have the potential to light up immense stretches. Because of the enormous power, even small M-series have a wide beam. These powerful flashlights have more lumen and beam density to carry out rescue missions, surveillance, and inspection.


One mode setting torch is suitable for general use. Some flashlights have more than one mode: low, medium, boost, and high. Though you might not use all the modes at once, having the option of a brighter and stronger beam is reassuring. Remember, the brighter the beam, the shorter the runtime. Other torch es will offer an extra special mode like SOS or strobe feature. It can be a feature that you need to download software to use.

Focus on Safety

Imalent values the safety of the users, and the M-series comes with a safety lockout mechanism feature which a few consecutive push-button operations can activate. The work tool flashlight needs to be used in compliance with the instructions specified in the manual that comes along with it. It is advised to keep it out of reach of children to prevent them from burning/blinding themselves.

Lithium 21700/18650 batteries

Every flashlight comes with a new set of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with an onboard charging feature. The advantages of using lithium 18650 and 21700 batteries are that they offer a high density of energy storage which allows a full recharge within 2 hours, and performs better than any rechargeable battery flashlights. M-series flashlights use 21700 lithium rechargeable batteries. At Imalent, users can also take extra battery packs if required. 

Advantages of M-series flashlight

We have a lot to write on the benefits of M-series flashlights. They provide the brightest light that one may experience. Lithium battery flashlights are highly efficient with built-in thermal control features. The flashlight is packed in a durable and robust case with a charger, O-rings, premium quality strap, and lumintrail LTK-10 keychain light. The clean and sleek interface of M-series flashlights ensures smooth usage and safety. Imalent is the first store that provides modern LEDs, features, circuits, service, and technology at affordable prices.

The variety of M-series flashlights is the best work tool flashlight for outdoor activities and home emergency equipment. They offer striking features of self-safety that ensure these high-intensity LED headlights assist in reducing shortages. The strobe design feature and the solid metal structure make the light less obscure. In emergency scenarios like a power outage, the light from these flashlights is a savior. Flashlights help save your phone battery and lessen the chance of users being left without power. 

Outstanding MS Flashlights

To decide the most appropriate M-series flashlight for oneself, one needs to explore their individual needs and purposes. For instance, if users are looking for tons of power with a specific weight and size, then the MS03 flashlight is the best. This tiny flashlight delivers ample light. It can unleash 13000 lumens, which is more than enough for a quick operation. Despite being only 4 inches long, it is a worthy addition to law enforcement personnel.

Users who require a flashlight to remain bright for hours should opt for MS06 or MS08. Each of these can burst up to 25,000 and 34,000 lumens, respectively. They are great flashlights for search and rescue missions. They are not very heavy and hence sustain power for a long time. In fact, they can provide more power than a pair of car headlights for roughly 2 hours.

Those who are simply looking for the brightest flashlight can go with MS18. This hand-held device is perfect for scanning huge areas such as lakes, patrolling, seashores, jails, military complexes, rail yards, sites, and fields. 

Editor’s Comments

The simple and easy-to-use flashlight interface operates logically and hassle-free. The OLED information screen shows the current battery status and detailed power settings, letting users plan their operation correctly. Users do not have to reconsider their quality and safety features as they are outstanding and remarkable. 

Final words

Imalent MS Flashlights are technology-infused light sources made with premium-grade aircraft aluminum alloy metals, designed for use in challenging environments. Imalent has been making the world's greatest flashlights for over 3 years now, with an output of 100,000 lumens. These powerful flashlights have excellent lighting, extended operation capabilities, robust body construction, high lumen beams, etc., making them different from the crowd.

LED flashlights are bright and far more efficient in comparison to bulb-based flashlights. Imalent’s brightest flashlights are 60 times brighter than car lights. Opting for a light that creates high lumen for a long time is better for use in critical situations. They are made from the highest quality of aluminum to ensure excellent functionality and durability. These products have long-run intense beam projection. The Imalent flashlights are lightweight and powered with quick rechargeable lithium batteries, best suitable for all weather and terrain usage.