shock the Night - MR90 Flashlight

Finally, one day, you hold the MR90, your fingertips touch it, and the bright light is sprinkled, and the darkness will retreat. This is the light and fun brought by the MR90 powerful flashlight.

MR90 Flashlight

Imalent is famous for its high luminous flux in the flashlight industry. The MS18 has a luminous flux of 100,000 lumens, and no one has surpassed it so far. IMALENT's flashlight has its own style, the dual-fan cooling is also a standard feature, and the brand features of the appearance are recognizable at a glance.

MR90 is a flashlight with a special-shaped lamp head, with 8 xhp70.2 lamp beads forming a meniscus shape, embracing the middle SBT90.2 lamp bead, with a bright and far-ranging lighting feature, combining the sun and the moon, with a luminous flux of 50,000 lumens, bringing a different lighting experience.

MR90 Flashlight

Concentrating a beam of light, flooding a large area, the violent aesthetics of lighting

CREE XHP70.2LED is the current mainstream high-power flood light. MR90 uses eight, which are arranged in a semicircle on one side of the lamp head. The eight lamp beads can emit a powerful luminous flux of 44,500 lumens at the maximum power.

MR90 Flashlight

In order to cooperate with the lamp beads of the two light effects to play a better function, the MR90 adopts a star-moon special-shaped one-piece aluminum alloy light cup, and the spotlight and floodlight can be used independently. The 8 floodlight 70.2 lamp beads use a shallow orange surface light cup, which is beneficial to disperse the light and form a better floodlight effect; better ability to focus light.

The total diameter of the lamp head is 85mm. In order to better transmit light, the optical glass of the lamp head adopts a double-sided anti-reflection coating process, and the surface is light blue-violet, which can effectively improve the light transmission efficiency and make the light out of the tube more and brighter.

The lowest luminous flux of MR90 is 2500lm, which is already the highest brightness of a medium-straight flashlight. From the point of view of the spot on the wall, the concentrated floodlight is clearly distinguishable, the center brightness is high, the lighting range is wide, the lighting effect is uniform, and there is no stroboscopic and whistling.

MR90 Flashlight

Only the 90.2 spotlight is turned on, the light beam is straight and transparent, the maximum light intensity in the center is close to 630,000 CD, and the maximum lighting distance is more than 1.5 kilometers. The central main beam has almost no divergence, and the spotlight cup forms a darker light cone about 60° away.

Flood lighting brings a large area of lighting effect, the field of vision is completely bright, the environment is completely illuminated, and there is a clear visual experience from a long distance.

Moreover, the spotlight and floodlight of MR90 can be used alone or in combination to meet different lighting needs. It is also very convenient to operate and adjust outdoors. It is a very practical hand-held lighting tool.

MR90 Flashlight

With a finger movement, the light matches your heart, and the simple and convenient adjustment and control

IMALENT flashlights are basically dimming by side buttons, and the metal side buttons are located on the plane of the lamp neck, which is conducive to quickly finding operations in the dark with the feel of the hand. The diameter of the switch is about 13mm, and the inside is an electronic switch, with a lifespan of more than 100,000 times, just press it.

Holding the MR90, the thumb can naturally fall on the position of the switch, and the surface of the switch has anti-slip lines, which further improves the feeling of pressing.

As mentioned earlier, both the spotlight and floodlight of the MR90 can be used independently. Click the switch, and the MR90 will turn on the memory gear, which is the lighting form when it was turned off last time. At this time, quickly press the switch three times to switch between the three modes: pure spotlight, pure floodlight, and full open, and the gear position remains unchanged.

MR90 Flashlight

At any time, as long as you double-click the switch, the MR90 can turn on the extremely bright gear. The 9 lamp beads are all bright with a luminous flux of 50000lm, which is far and wide, and the light is dazzling. If you need to exit, just press the switch again.

After turning on the ultra-bright lighting, double-click the switch again, and the strobe mode will be turned on. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as "blinding eyes". The extremely fast light and dark rhythm, I dare not open my eyes when I look at it from behind, and it is estimated that I will open my eyes for three days when I see the bad guy from the front. Without opening your eyes, you can fully realize emergency self-rescue and self-protection. If you want to exit the strobe, you can also click the switch.

MR90 Flashlight

In addition to controlling the lighting of the MR90, the switch can also control the lighting of the MR90. When the MR90 works in the third gear and above, the various lights at the neck of the lamp will be automatically turned on. 4 seconds to quickly cool the lamp head, and then press and hold the fan for 4 seconds again.

The slightly hot pack function on the plane of the switch is easy to turn on. This physical anti-theft design is still very practical. In short, if you accidentally put it in the hot pack, it is easy to cause the risk of two fires. There is a traffic light on each side, and the indicator light is on, reminding the user that the current platform can still be used for dual machines.

MR90's high state, extremely bright gear has high power, and the light is also large to ensure that there is no risk in the bag. You can press the switch 4 times in a row to lock it off. At this time, it will dodge 3 prompts, the switch will stop, and the flashlight will be turned off. Unable to turn on. To turn it on, just turn on the switch function 4 times.

MR90 Flashlight

Classic shape, solid materials, to cope with harsh environments

MR90 is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the surface is a black three-level military-standard hard oxide layer, which is lightweight, fast heat dissipation, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the overall anti-drop ability reaches 1 meter.

The barrel body adopts a large-area horizontal ring pattern, combined with a deeper vertical and horizontal square pattern, to improve the stability of grip and use, and also has the function of ventilation and ventilation to avoid contamination of fingerprints. The diameter of the MR90 barrel is 56mm, and it feels very good.

MR90 adopts stainless steel tail cover, laser engraved and printed with trademark, model, voltage, power and other information. The tail is flat and supports upside-down use. The tail cover has four openings, on the one hand, it is convenient for fingers to twist against the edge, and on the other hand, it can be used with a hand rope.

MR90 Flashlight

In order to ensure stable use in complex outdoor environments, the dustproof and waterproof capability of MR90 has reached IP56 level, which can be used under heavy rain conditions without failure. It is suitable for outdoor all-weather use and is a sufficient emergency guarantee.

MR90 Flashlight

In general, the IMALENT MR90 flashlight has three lighting modes easily adjusted, 18 kinds of brightness are taken into account, the barrel is solid and easy to carry, high-power fast charging and fast charging, stable constant current output performance, and fan heat dissipation The effect is obvious, the lighting performance is strong and stable, and it brings a good user experience. It can be widely used in tactics, duty, search and rescue, outdoor activities and other scenarios. It is also a good equipment and choice for ordinary users and flashlight enthusiasts.

MR90 Flashlight
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