IMALENT new model, make a guess to get reward!

by Xinling Yang on November 21, 2020


IMALENT's new product UT90. Before the flashlight get ready to release, we would like to start a game. Answer the following questions, you will have chance to get one free flashlight of the new models.

View IMALENT UT90 "Predator" flashlight:

Check the following pictures and answer questions:

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable?

2. What kind of battery does it use?

3. What kind of LED does it use?

4. What would be the lumen output?

5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight?

6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance.