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IMALENT MS06 open box review

by Somos Digital Collaborator on 24 Comments
We are happy to announce that we will release IMLANET MS06 tomorrow ! As a special surprise to all our loyal IMALENT family,You guys order MS06 on 20th August and we will send a LD10 for free!
GIVEAWAY: Subscribe to this channel, LIKE this video, and put ONE comment below with your favorite feature of the IMALENT MS06 to win a FREE MS06!


  • by Kenneth Ehrett on

    Very impressive power output for a soda can light, but that is what we expect from a company like Imalent.

  • by Nasser ABouheif “Evochamp on YOuTube” on

    Love Imalent, I just purchased Imalent bag & Holster for my DX80 which I adore, but the MS06 is a different love story ❤️
    By the way, my name on YouTube is EVOCHAMP

  • by Nasser Abouheif on

    Love Imalent, I love my DX80 but too big to carry along but the MS06 is a different love story ❤️

  • by Kyle on

    They have a fit and finish on another level, and can’t deny that output!

  • by Reethish Kannan on

    What I say IMALENT all flashlights better than better IMALENT MSO6 very small size and powerful 25,000 lumens WOW I like it it’s a life long flashlight.

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