Is the light spot of the flashlight brighter, the better?

If you pursue the ultimate brightness, we have the strongest flashlight in the world, ms18 with 100,000 lumens. want to see what is the most powerful flashlight?

As outdoor flashlight fans, we need to know some of these commonly used LED strong light flashlight terms in order to avoid being fooled in the purchase.

1. Luminous flux. The total brightness emitted by the illuminant. Only when the unit lumen is LM, can the professional integrating sphere measure accurately.

2. Light intensity. The total light flux per unit area. Unit lux, the illuminometer can measure accurately.

3. Light efficiency. Luminous efficiency, luminous flux of the emitter at 1W power. The unit lumen is LMW per watt.

4. VF value. In short, it is the working voltage of LED under the current.

5. Focus. In pursuit of the projection distance of the flashlight, the smaller the luminous angle of the LED and the larger the size of the light cup, the better the focusing performance.

6. Floodlight: floodlight is just the opposite of spotlight, pursuing the irradiation area. Need large angle led and small light cup.

To see whether the flashlight is on or not, ordinary users only need to check the brightness of the central spot of the flashlight. However, if you are a flashlight enthusiast, you can't judge the actual brightness of the flashlight only by the brightness of the central spot. This is because the brightness of the central spot can only reflect the light intensity of the flashlight, but not the overall luminous flux of the flashlight. 

It's not that the higher the light intensity, the higher the luminous flux. Only the smaller the luminous angle of the LED, the larger the size of the light cup, then the better the spotlight, light intensity is certainly high. So it is possible that the central spot brightness of a flashlight with a large aperture light cup is brighter than that of a flashlight with a small aperture light cup. But if you use it at night, you can find a big difference. The illumination area and brightness of the flashlight with small aperture light cup are better than those with large aperture light cup.

brighter flashlight

Choose the most suitable flashlight according to the specific environment.

Authoritative scientific research shows that a flashlight with illumination of more than 1000 lumens will make people's eyes highly focused and prone to fatigue. High illumination will also produce glare and damage the eyes. People who have taken photos all know that when the exposure value is too high, they can only see a piece of white, but they can't see the target clearly. Similarly, a flashlight with too much brightness will make people see only a piece of white light, but also can't see the target clearly.

For outdoor search and hunting, the higher the brightness, the stronger the ability of long-distance search, which helps to find distant teammates and identify the road ahead. Especially in the outdoor environment with heavy fog, the visibility is low, and the strong brightness is the guarantee to maintain the line of sight. However, high brightness is not suitable for short-range search, which not only affects the battery life of the flashlight, but also damages the eyes.

Therefore, outdoor exploration or search and rescue should choose the high light flashlight with (high light medium light low light) mode. Of course, it is better to bring (flash SOS). This can take into account the long-range search and short-range lighting and endurance, to know in the outdoor, flashlight endurance is how important!

hunting flashlight

Common illuminance lumen reference

30000 ~ 300000 on sunny days

Cloudy day 3000

Sunrise and sunset 300

The ground is 0.25 on a clear full moon night

The surface area of cloudy night is 0.003 ~ 0.0007

Starlight 0.0002 ~ 0.00002

Reference values for different locations:

Living room 150-300

Table 300-500

Bathrooms and changing rooms 200-500

Instrument reading 50-100

Study, office 500-800

300-500 for reading

Corridor 35-75

Elevator 100-200

Garage 50-75

150 in the camp

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