How to choose the best hunting flashlight

Let's learn about the first step of night hunting, Of course, it's about seeking animals. Now few people use the time-consuming and laborious means of hunting at night, such as mountain hunting with hounds. Simple optical equipment can make hunters have eyes that can see through the dark. The most common tools are thermal imaging, night vision and hunting flashlight.

Thermal imaging and night vision are "silent" observations of animals, while hunting flashlights expose them prey to strong light! If thermal imaging and night vision are means of "sneak attack", then using flashlight hunting is a direct confrontation with animals, and it needs the hunter's superb hunting skills as a benchmark! Today we will introduce how to choose the hunting flashlight.

With the development of the market, there are more and more hunting flashlights in the market, and their functions are more and more varied. It's easy to be dazzling. But starting from these basic aspects, plus the function choices you need, you can't be wrong.

Function: in order to attract customers, many flashlights are added with more and more functions. In order to "make the best use of everything" and avoid repeated investment, many people buy a variety of flashlights, but I don't recommend it. The more functions and parts there are, the easier it is to be damaged. Always remember the core requirements, and don't be blinded by miscellaneous functions.

Brightness: This is a purchase condition that must be carefully considered. When hunting at night, we must be very sure that the shooting place is where the prey is.

Adjustable beam: I believe many friends have suffered from the disadvantage of night hunting flashlight without adjustable beam, which is a bloody lesson. The night hunting flashlight needs to have a wide and narrow exposure range adjustment, which allows the hunter to have a clear view of the prey situation in the whole area.

Reliability: to put it bluntly, it is strong and durable. Although flashlights are very common, a reliable hunting flashlight is a rare good thing. The circuit itself is complex and fragile, and it often stumbles in the process of hunting. If there is an impact, the flashlight will definitely destroy a well planned night hunting activity.

Efficiency: this efficiency refers to the hunting efficiency. At present, there are many sources of electric energy for hunting flashlight, but I suggest that the best one that can use both batteries and charging, that is, it can reduce the capital investment and not be fooled in case of emergency power failure.

No matter what the night hunting is, it can not live without the flashlight, and different situations need different hunting flashlight function. If it is in the forest of long fog, I suggest using red light flashlight, because the longest and most penetrating red light wave is the best choice to conquer the dense forest. Instead, if hunting in the plain, the intensity of green light is lower but the brightness is higher.

luminous light: once incandescent bulb was the boss of the flashlight. Although many ordinary large lamps still use incandescent bulbs, it have to say that they are out of date. Although HID lamp is bright, it consumes a lot of energy and is very large in volume. It is rarely used in hunting flashlight (potential stock). The most common LED lamp is the most commonly used by hunters, with high brightness, low energy consumption, high reliability, long life, and can resist various adverse environment, like Cree XHP 70.2 LED light.

Reflector: reflective cup has the function of gathering light to enhance the lighting effect. The deeper the depth and diameter of the reflector, the better the concentration effect. But this is not to say that the strong concentration must be good. If hunting for a long distance, such as boar hunting, it needs strong spot flashlight. If hunting in close range, such as pheasant, it is better to choose floodlight.

Lens: lens is a detail often overlooked by hunters, but it is very important. lens through the refraction of light to gather or disperse light, in the selection of flashlight to see whether there is obvious light or dark circle, if there is, immediately ignore.

Circuit system: the circuit system of the flashlight is very fragile. Why can some flashlight last for several years, while others can only last for a few hours? The electric circuit system of the flashlight has an inescapable relationship. The most stable is the constant current circuit system, which keeps the brightness of the flashlight at the same level during use, increasing the stability of lighting.

Power supply: as we have just introduced, it is better to use the hunting flashlight that combines battery and charging. The battery is divided into dry battery, high-energy battery and lithium-ion battery, which can be selected according to different needs.

Shell: common hunting flashlight shell is divided into several kinds: metal materials, engineering plastics, aluminum alloy surface treatment. If the budget allows, I recommend aluminum alloy surface treatment shell to be better than flashlight, that is, there is no metal material that is easy to rust, and it also avoids the disadvantage of poor thermal conductivity of engineering plastics.

Buyers guide about the best flashlihgt

In efficiency, the rechargeable Olight S2R Baton II lands in the center in between ThruNite's TC15 and Archer 2A V3. It is smaller sized compared to both, production it a good everyday-carry

choice, however what truly stands apart regarding it's the method it fees. Just like the TC15, billing goes straight into the body of the light—but the S2R Baton II has a magnetic USB billing accessory that clicks versus the tail of the light, so there is no have to hassle with connecting anything in. The develop is really practical, and consequently we discovered that we maintained this light billed more regularly compared to the others. Like the TC15 and all various other rechargeables, the S2R Baton II includes disadvantages in the moment invested billing and the problem of charging throughout a power outage, unless you have extra 18650 batteries prepared to go.

In 2021, we look at IMALENT store flashlight, and the R60c suprise us most, IMALENT R60C is a can-sized super-bright browsing flashlight that blasts a max outcome of 18,000 lumens and a max beam of light range of 1038 meters. This 18,000 lumens flashlight can be rapidly billed with the 3 consisted of 4000 mAh 21700 Li-ion power batteries through the magnetic USB port. The quantity of light that the IMALENT R60C flashlight produces is really amazing, a broad beam of light angle and strobe work are rather suitable for Browsing and Save. Incredibly little for a flashlight with this a lot power, lengthy bonus a level light body, this flashlight is the ideal device for discovering and browse and save. The battery degree sign allows you understand the condition of your batteries. Extra functions consist of a smart memory circuit, lockout work, and 6 outcome degrees. When you see the raw power of an 18,000-lumen flashlight, you will never ever really feel distressed in the evening experiences, such as browsing, caving, patrolling, and so on.

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