Can the flashlight get on the Plane?

There is no problem that the rechargeable flashlight can be put on the plane, but the flashlight needs to be placed in the security check box together with the mobile phone power bank. There should be no obvious exaggeration of the attack head, the battery should have capacity identification. It needs to be manually checked and judged to rule out whether there is any abnormal problem. As long as there is no special problem, it can usually be passed directly.

Note; Flashlights with batteries cannot be consigned, also the powerful flashlight can not be taken on plane!

Whether the flashlight can get on the plane depends on the specific situation. Generally speaking, if a flashlight has a sharp appearance, it can't be taken into the engine room, but if it is a small flashlight with a compact and smooth appearance, it can be taken with it.

Items that cannot be carried by aircraft:

1、 It is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry lighters and matches in their checked luggage. Passengers can take a lighter (except windproof lighter) or a box of matches with them. When passing the security check, passengers should take the initiative to hand over lighters and matches to the security personnel for separate inspection.

2、 Passengers on international and regional flights carrying liquid substances shall still comply with the relevant provisions of the notice on restrictions on carrying liquid substances on civil aviation aircraft issued by CAAC on March 17, 2007.

3、 Passengers on domestic flights can carry liquid articles with a single container volume of not more than 100 ml and a total volume of not more than 1000 ml, except for flammable and explosive liquid articles prohibited by civil aviation laws and regulations. Alcohol items are not allowed to be carried with you, but can be delivered as checked baggage. There is no limit on the transportation volume of alcohol below 24 degrees (including 24 degrees); If the alcohol content is between 24 ℃ and 70 ℃, the total volume of transportation shall not exceed 5 liters; No delivery is allowed if the alcohol content is above 70 ℃. The packaging of alcoholic products shall comply with the relevant regulations of civil aviation transportation.

4、 Patients with diabetes or other diseases can carry liquid drugs necessary for the flight, but they need to show the hospital certificate or doctor's prescription in their own name; The liquid dairy products carried by passengers accompanied by infants are allowed to be carried on board after being confirmed by safety inspection.

5、 The passenger who violates the above regulations and causes the consequences such as missed flight shall bear the responsibility.

Note: passengers holding business class or economy class tickets can only carry one item with them. The volume of each article shall not exceed 20 cm × 40 cm × 55 cm, the total weight of the above two items shall not exceed 5 kg. If the number, weight or volume exceeds the specified limit, it shall be checked as aircraft checked baggage.