Buyers' guide for the best camping flashlight

When you go camping, one of the necessities is light. While the light from the moon and the stars are helpful, it is inadequate especially to areas with shady parts. Also, a flashlight can be a life saving device and a self defense device so a camper should not take for granted the task of choosing the right flashlight.

Naturally, you would want the best one. It does not have to be a top-of-the-line device with features that costs so much. With the right features, it can be as efficient as the more expensive ones.

How to Choose a Flashlight For Camping

Step 1: First, you have to choose an powerful flashlight. It should be able to light a considerably large area covered in darkness. LED lights are considered the most efficient as it produces brighter lights than other types of flashlights. Often campsites are strewn with streams, logs, rocks and many other items that may cause you to fall or trip resulting in injury. Camping flashlights help to ensure your ability to see where you are going at all times. For those who are taking a late night hike or venturing into unknown territory a flashlight is a must. Camping flashlights also serve an important purpose during an emergency situation or power outage. These flashlights stored within the camping equipment should be placed on top of the bins, or storage systems to ensure they are easily found when required

Step 2: Battery source is also another option. If you are camping, pick one that has long battery life. Again, the LEDs take the cake when it comes to battery life. Because they are directly connected to the circuit, it does not require filaments which heats up quickly and consumes much energy. In fact, you can use this kind of light for days of continuous use.ome campers prefer to carry flashlights that require no batteries. These types of flashlights often come in windup or crank which would be great for emergency situations. Although these lists use battery power, this power is created through the friction from the winding, shaking, or cranking of the mechanisms within the light.

Step 3: It should be able to withstand wears and tears. When you are out camping, expect that you are going to encounter a lot of roadblocks. Getting yourself soaked from a river or creek is also possible so it is better if you bring devices that are water-proof. Also, you should purchase one that has shock-proof features. LEDs devices are considered more durable because of the materials used which virtually renders them indestructible. In addition to that, it does not use filaments that may break or shatter if you drop it.

Step 4: You may opt to purchase a couple cheap flashlights to take with you or if you are a serious camper and will get repetitive use out of them consider going with a higher priced more durable camping flashlight. As with other consumer products, you get what you pay for. When buying a larger and capable flashlight that can withstand weather - it is important to realize that this light is more than likely going to last years longer than cheaper versions.

The best 4 Flashlights for camping

The IMALENT MS03 is the brightest EDC flashlight, it's hand sized with up to 13,000 lumen, the MS03 has up to 27 hours run time and water proof, the flashlight comes with rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery easy to carry and long beam distance of 324 meters. This exquisite flashlight is finely made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum.Featuring six output levels plus strobe and battery level indication plus type-C fast charge,this 11cm long light is a must-have for your daily life, outdoor activities and repair work.

If your budget is limit but still want a best EDC flashlight, here is the best choice: IMALENT LD70,  IMALENT LD70 small flashlights is a powerful high-quality flashlight with a maximum of 4000 lumens. The lighting distance can reach 203m. It is the best choice for night and outdoor activities, walking, climbing, camping or working.

It's the powerful EDC flashlight, can be best use with hiking, hunting and every day carry, if you want a flashlight for everycarry, and cheap, you can trust IMALENT LD70!

 IMALENT R30C is palm-sized tiny monster EDC flashlight with outstanding performance. IMALENT R30C 9000LUMENS FLASHLIGHT Powered by one high drain 21700 Li-ion battery with built-in type-C USB charging, it emits a max of 9000 lumens and beam distance of 560 meters . Using a Type-C USB rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 lithium battery is easy to run.

IMALENT LD10 is a mini hand sized flashlight with output power up to 1200 lumens, which is very suitable for your EDC needs. The OLED display on the tail cover provides easy-to-read status and charging status. Due to its small size, light weight and high strength, it is indeed an ideal choice for outdoor, walking, climbing, camping or downhill when you are working!