Are Rechargeable LED Flashlights Better ?


Rechargeable LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight equipped with LED (light-emitting diode)emitters and high capacity rechargeable batteries. Because LED has higher brightness, low power consumption level, long lifespan and smaller in size, it is ideal to use them in rechargeable LED flashlights.

And this is a detailed introduction to rechargeable LED flashlights.

Rechargeable LED Flashlights
Benefits of using LEDs in flashlights

To talk about the application of LEDs in flashlights, we must first emphasize the characteristics of LED.

1. LED tend to have long lifespam, generally up to 50,000 hours or more, that's 5-10 times longer than the lifespam of traditional tungsten lamps.
2. LED generates cold light,and generates less heat during use,which prevents the base from damage.
3. LEDs have fast response time, they tend to be more impact resistance, smaller in size, and easier to equip with smaller flashlights.
4. Power Saving, better efficiency at same power input, and it’s more eco-friendly.
5. The response time is just about 1 microsecond, you don’t need to warm your light before use like using those old flashlights, it’s also safers to use.
6. Can be driven by low voltage, which makes it safer and more reliable.

In recent years, as LED technology and Li-ion battery technology have become more mature, its cost has been decreasing, various specifications of high brightness LEDs have naturally been used more often in new lighting equipments. And the use of high-brightness LED in flashlights is the best of all, because of its high efficiency, long lifespan features, it can be a perfect match with the high capacity Li-ion battery cells. At the moment, the most experienced user of high brightness LEDs in the flashlight industry is Imalent Flashlight, which specializes in all kinds of rechargeable LED flashlights and has the world's brightest rechargeable LED flashlight-MS18 coming in at 100,000 lumens output.

Rechargeable LED flashlight is a very developed lighting equipment with LED light-emitting diode as the light source, which has the characteristics of power saving, good durability, better brightness, etc.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Flashlights

Currently there are all kinds of flashlights on the market, mainly plastic flashlights, LED flashlights, iron flashlights, aluminum flashlights, stainless flashlights, hand-crank flashlights,eco friendly flashlights and other types of flashlights. In this article, we’ll focus on the rechargeable LED flashlights.

The differences between various LED flashlights

1). Small LED flashlights

Small LED flashlights

Small flashlights are the compact flashlights using an AA battery or AAA battery, they can also be pocket size flashlights that are using three button cells, or keychain LED flashlights using a rechargeable battery cell such as the LD70 from Imalent. Some of these flashlights are tend to have weaker focused beam, and the power consumption is also more radical, these flashlights can be used as a alternative lightsource in urban area for a short period of time ,which indeed have some degree of practical value. When you want to put these flashlights aside for a long period, they must be sealed with good alkaline batteries (can be stored for two to three years without failure), it is not recommended to use ordinary carbon batteries, which might ended up with electrolyte leak, damage the flashlight.

On the other hand, the rechargeable keychain flashlight such as LD10 and LD70 are more practical and provides better performance, these two models using LED and comes with build-in rechargeable batteries, that promised a great lumen output up to 4,000 and excellent beam distance more than 200m. which is why the smaller rechargeable LED flashlights are so popular nowadays.

2). hand crank flashlight

There are two different types of hand crank flashlights. The first one comes with a cylindrical magnets device, when you operate it, it will generate electricity with the coil in the flashlight, and just enough power to provide energy to your Flashlight’s LED; Another hand crank flashlight is using the pressure that was given by your hand to boost the generator, even thou this one is cheaper, many would prefer the first type of flashlight for more reliability.

3). Rechargeable LED Flashlights With multiple LED emitters.

Some flashlights are using more than 1 emitter, and that gives the flashlight the ability to generate higher lumen output. This kind of flashlights usually have alumium body, and have a switch either on the tail or on the side of the flashlight body, it’s to be said, when using a flashlight that is bigger in size, a side switch is more user friendly. Because the more powerful LEDs usually needs to be activated at 3V, the rechargeable batteries are usually customized high capacity cells. with very powerful flashlights such as MS18, a battery pack is needed so that the 8 pcs of 21700 rechargeable battery cells are easier to be managed.

Meanwhile, the quantity of the LEDs, aren’t the only factor that might infuence the performance of your flashlight, other parts of the flashlight also matters, for starter, the reflector is an important factory, it helps to reflect the beam, and improves the brightness of the flashlight by 20%-30%. And a high capacity rechargeable batttery pack is also important when it comes to duration and more.

4). Plastic Body Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Rechargeable LED flashlights that has a plastic body are usually less pricy, these flashlights have 5-20 LEDs, and comes with a charger that can charge the rechargeable batteries, they have okay lumen output but overall, not very bright,the disadventage of this kind of flashlight is also obvious, the Lead-acid batteries need to be charged often,and the lifespan is usally less than 2 years.

What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Rechargeable LED Flashlight

1)Know what you need it for before purchase

With urban user, the rechargeable flashlights doesn’t need to be very powerful but better to be compact. A thumb size keychain flashlight with a single powerful rechargeable battery cell such as LD70 can be used carry and easy to carry, meanwhile, with maximum 4,000 lumens output, the LD70 not only can illuminate your way home, but also provides some degree of self-defense with the strobe mode. And there is always the world’s brightest EDC flashlight MS03, which has up to 13,000 lumens output, the 21700 rechargeable battery cell provides long run ability, and the CREE XHP 70.2 LED is just incredible, think of having a MS03 is like putting 2 cars in your pocket, because this rechargeable LED flashlight is twice brighter than a set of cars headlight.

With Users who wants a powerful rechargeable flashlight, Imalent definetely have you covered, doesn’t matter if it’s the world’s brightest flashlight MS18 that you want, or the King of throw SR16, or perhaps the mix of those, the only flashlight in the world with throw and flood MR90, there are countless top notch powerful rechargeable flashlights at Imalent that you can expect to be sent to your home in 3-5 days, because we have warehouses all around the world.

2) Make sure to buy from quality brands

You can find cheap flashlights in every corner of the internet, but if it’s reliability and quality that you are looking for. Make sure to buy from known brands. Imalent flashlight has been described as the innovator of powerful rechargeable flashlights by numerous reliable sources, and providing excellent after service for every customer.

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Rechargeable LED flashlights are brighter, longer run time, and badget friendly because you simply don’t have to bother about going outside for extra batteries, or find the right place to take care of wasted batteries. There are several brands with good reputation of rechargeable LED batteries, and Imalent is one of them, meanwhile famous for it’s stronger lumen output and overall performance. When people ask “why you need a flashlight that bright?” The answer is now obvious, “because I can, and I want the best out of it.”

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