7 must have powerful flashlights for your security

Do you think you can protect your house from thieves and burglars? Indeed you can! But do you know security cameras and alarms can perform even better in your absence. But, how will they capture in dim ordinary lights? Flashlight has a main role to play here. The powerful flashlights can really strengthen your outdoor security. Let me make it clear, how flashlights can really prove to be a security assistant of yours!


Firstly, a bright flashlight illuminates the objects and persons. They can be seen clearly in the camera. Your security camera is just incomplete if it shows you a blur or invisible image of the person. In most of the cases, when burglars get inside houses during night, they can’t be seen clearly due to dim ordinary lights. So, installing a flashlight beside your security camera outside your house will really help you strengthen your security.

But that is not enough! How about if they break in your house by somehow destroying the security cameras? The brightest tactical flashlights come to play here. They can just blind the burglar in no time and he would not be able to see anything for a while. And, if you continue targeting his eyes, he will lost his vision for next couple of minutes. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, you do not need to have a gun every time to tackle the condition. That is why, powerful flashlights have a key role in your outdoor security. These tactical flashlights can also be installed with the security alarms to blind the attackers outside the house. You must have these flashlights to get one step ahead in your security and defense against burglars. You can also have a look at the brightest led flashlights.

You must have most powerful and brightest flashlights for your outdoor security. Imalent MS 18, 100000 lumens is very powerful but you might need Imalent Mini flashlight. This varies on your use. You must be very careful while selecting a flashlight. It should fulfill your demand as you are paying a handsome amount for this!

How to select the best flashlight?

Every flashlight has its own pros and cons. The selection of a flashlight depends upon the nature of your use. If you are using it outside your house for the purpose of illumination, a high lumen flashlight will do good. However, if you need a flashlight that you can carry with you in your car or motorbike, then battery or cell enabled mini flashlight will be great. You can also have a look at the easily carriable EDC Flashlights While buying a flashlight, you must consider the following factors:


This is the first factor to select a flashlight. They are arranged in number showing lumens as units. Lumen measures the brightness of a light that is visible to human eye from a light source. The higher the lumen range, the brighter is the light. Consider buying this as per your need. You can find variety of flashlights here which will help you make a best selection out of it.

Light Beam & Bulb:

The technology has developed a lot today. The best quality light bulbs and beams are being inducted into the flashlights. They not only increase the efficiency of the flashlight but also increase its durability. So, you can’t just see a high lumen number and buy the product. You must go through the description of the store so that you don’t waste money. We use the latest technology to give you the best of your experience. Can’t believe? Lets have a look at our production technology. You will come to know, why we are the best.

Power Mode & Battery time:

You have to make sure how the power is being supplied to the flashlights. You can select between a power supported and battery supported flashlight. Once again, your selection varies with your need. But one thing you have to be very careful about is the battery timing. You might not have access to the charging facility every time. So, you must have a look at the time duration of the battery while purchasing.

Size & Weight:

While selecting a flashlight, don’t forget to have a look at the weight and size in the description of the product. You would not like your pocket to be very heavy while carrying a pocket held flashlight. Similarly, you can’t install an extremely low weight or small flashlight outside your house. The brightness of the flashlight will also vary with the size. Small size flashlights might be a bit cheap but never compromise your security for a few dollars! Let’s make a wise choice!

Material & Shape:

Never forget to inspect a material and its quality. As you are going to pay, the flashlight must remain with you for a longer period of time. And, this will be possible only when the material is of excellent quality. The shape of the flashlight effects the adjustability. You must see your place of use, and then select the flashlight that will be best suitable for the action you’re going to perform using it. 

Which flashlights do we recommend?

Now, as you have an idea about selection of a best flashlight. We will like to recommend you the best flashlights. These flashlights have been tested and proved most suitable for the sake of your outdoor security. These are all handpicked and most powerful flashlights recommended by the experts for your outdoor security. We hope you make a wise and decentt choice after going through the list of our recommended flashlights.

IMALENT MS18 100000 lumens flashlight

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IMALENT MS18 high lumen flashlight


  • This is the world’s brightest flashlight.

  • Remarkable illumination capacity with 100,000 lumens

  • It has the strongest beam. Can you believe that it can make things visible up to 1350 meters? You must give it a try!

  • Service life is 50,000 hours.


  • High range and beam power

  • The brightest flashlight in the market

  • High quality material and coating


  • Due to such a high level of brightness, it might be a bit expensive and needs continuous high current. But if you see the quality, you can easily conclude that it’s worth buying and investing in because it will serve you longer.

IMALENT MS06 25000 lumens flashlight

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  • Has variable features of brightness selection.

  • The light have 5 different modes for selection of intensity

  • Can be adjusted according to the requirements at 200 lumen, 1200 lumen, 2500 lumen, 4000 lumen and 9000 lumen as per choice.

  • Waterproof and can withstand the sinking in water for 2 meters


  • Lot of control options for brightness of light

  • Have a memory set in system, which remembers the last move

  • Cheaper comparatively despite it’s huge range.


  • Controls can be a bit difficult to handle in an emergency condition as a lot of options or modes are available. You can have a single mode flashlight for emergency situation as will work faster

IMALENT MS08 34000 lumen flashlight

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imalent ms08


  • The strongest every day carry (EDC) flashlight in the market

  • Waterproof with latest built-in protector

  • Beam distance of 738 meters

  • 34000 lumens brightness and extensive bulb and beam make it ideal for search and rescue in any emergency


  • Small and compact size

  • Rechargeable with a long battery duration

  • Quite reasonable for such a huge intensity of light


  • Light beams spread immediately making it ideal for searching or patrolling but limited for targeted blinding of the burglars from a distance.

IMALENT MS12 MINI Powerful Flashlight


  • The maximum output is of 65000 lumens

  • Fast charging in only 2 hours

  • Battery time of 31 hours with an indicator showing the battery percentage so that you are well aware when will the battery stop working

  • Waterproof with a capacity of 1 meter to be submerged in water


  • Can work perfectly even with a low battery. It can provide 14000 lumens when the battery is about to die

  • Highest level of every day carry brightness with such a small and compact size is a big plus of this powerful flashlight.

  • Brightens the night aa a day and make the night adventures more enjoyable


  • If you are looking for an EDC flashlight, this is indeed the best of the best. You can’t find any fault in it. It is simply perfect. It is a type of product that I will personally like to have with me during night adventures.

IMALENT DX80 32000lumens Flashlight

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IMALENT DX80 32000lumens Flashlight


  • Ends the darkness with its 32000 lumens brightness

  • LED rechargeable flashlight with digital display of the voltage, outputs and it’s performance, helping you keep an eye on everything

  • Easy control with a comfortable and quickly performing switch

  • OLED screen display to keep you aware of any sort of damage, risk or alarming situation.


  • Comes with all its required and necessary accessories like charger, O-rings, manuals, and much more

  • Perfect for all sort of environments and due to it’s strong working potential it can perform best in storms and extreme weather too.


  • With 32000 lumens, it can illuminate everything in every type of environment. But, you might find it a bit expensive but due to it’s diverse use in every environmental conditions it’s worth paying.

IMALENT MS03 13000 lumens flashlight

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IMALENT MS03  13000 lumens brightest EDC flashlight - imalentstore


  • A very flashlight which provide powerful impact of 13000 lumens

  • Just about the size of a palm, a huge illumination capacity despite such a small size of this flashlight

  • Has a battery time of 50000 hours

  • Only 36 mm in diameter with a weight of merely 117g.


  • The perfect flashlight to be carried in pocket or held in hand courtesy its small size, light weight and excellent illumination range

  • Have a strong processor despite the small size to provide high quality and continuous brightness and light


  • The small size has a limitation only for those want to fit outside there houses as might be effected by wind.

IMALENT Rs50 20000 lumen flashlight

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imalent rs50


  • Famous for its ultra long throw with a brightness of 20,000 lumens

  • Fans as a heat shield and heat remover to protect and maintain its functioning

  • Water proof and have a strong spreading beam of high intensity

  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours

  • Built-in thermal control module making it more safe. And, it functions properly even when used for a long time due to thermal control module


  • Best for long range visibility

  • High lumen power and long range make the night search and quest very easy and risk free as objects are visible clearly from a long distance

  • Can be used in extreme weather condition like high temperature as have strong thermoregulation set up in the flashlight


  • Though only perfect for long range search. And, with such a great durability and temperature adjustment capacity, there is no other limitation. It is cheap as compared to the market as well.

Make the best choice:

We have described the features of our best recommended and most powerful flashlights. At the end, the choice is yours. Have a look at your budget, and then find the best product within that range as per your requirement. The best thing about all of our recommend products is that they are made on the latest technology. They have a lot of cool features which not only insures the safe use of the implement but also offers a remarkable life span. If no single product from out recommended ones fits your need, we will suggest you to look at our store, IMALENT , and you will find a whole list of products with amazing discounts and welcome bonus. Please drop your queries in the comment section and we’ll get to you in the earliest possible. Happy reading!