The Imalent MR90 is a true performance monster

author: Jens M

The Imalent MR90 is a genuine high-performance lamp that can cause a sensation, especially with the use of two different LEDs and a maximum of 50,000 lumens. As usual, this power is packed in high-quality aluminum housing, which is actively cooled with two fans. A very slim user interface completes the good overall impression.

Anyone who has unleashed the 50,000 lumens will immediately enjoy it and walk through the (then no longer too dark) night with a big grin.

If you are looking for a flashlight in the high-performance range, have the necessary change at hand, and are reluctant to choose between floodlight and high beam, the Imalent MR90 is the right choice for you. To be honest, there is currently no real alternative to this flashlight, because these performance data with different LEDs remain unmatched for the time being.

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IMALENT MR90 50000 lumen flashlight
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