Imalent Extreme Torch Review and Demo (65,000 Lumen MS12 Mini!)

Author: Sort of Interesting(YT) / SortofDan(Ins)

It's a fatansic piece of kit, and surely you will be amazed by it's incredible 65,000-lumens turbo mode and other pratical brightness levels. 

With 12 XHP70.2 LED and a high-capacity rechargeable 21700 battery pack, it holds the title of the highest-lumen can-size flashlight available.

 Not only can it help you find your way home at night, but it is also a great outdoor gadget for hiking, camping, search & rescue, and more.

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IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight - IMALENT®
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IMALENT MS12 MINI Powerful Flashlight
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