Best Soda Can Size Flood Light

by Xinling Yang on January 17, 2022


Having this powerful brightness and astounding beam distance in the palm of your handmakes the IMALENT R60C the perfect flashlight for search and rescue. With the R60C youcan light up a large area close by and also see well over half a mile away. Being the size ofa pop can, you can bring the IMALENT R60C with you for any outdoor activity, from huntingand fishing to caving and exploring.The R60C comes with three batteries. These 21700 li-ion cells are high drain and supply theR60C with the high power it needs. The R60C lasts for up to 30 hours thanks to the 4000mAh capacity of the cells. When the IMALENT R60C’s built-in battery indicator turns redthen the easy to use USB magnetic charging port can charge the cells back up to full power.


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