Congratulations to the lucky one to win a free MS06 for leaving honesty comment.

by Somos Digital Collaborator on September 02, 2020
@Best Deals ID,Congratulations! You are the lucky one to win the free MS06 for leaving wonderful comment about IMALENT MS06. you guys can subscribe to this channel and like our video.hope you will be the lucky one next time! learn more to visit ou official website:
by Bob C on September 03, 2020

I have perhaps 15 flashlights and the MS06 has always been on that “oh my I’d love this” list. And like most premium flashlights it’s rather out of my price range. Thanks for the chance to win one. Would be awesome

by Dilip Wayde on September 02, 2020

My dream I want buy this ms06 torch but I don’t have money so I am very sad

by SSK on September 02, 2020

Ok so the light is good what I have not seen is the working life of the device before led failure.
Any one has experiences.

by Jolly Golokin on September 02, 2020

The IMALENT MS06 is terrific, easy to hold and handle, absolutely must have torch. A top class in its own right comparable to none because of its own super quality. The video reviews are remarkable and any flashlight enthusiastic will definitely love this torch and proud to own one. The privilege is worth the price.

by Rick Britton on September 02, 2020

Dear lmalent, I am a avid flashligjt fan, I have been called a Olight Fanboy, I bought a Surfier 300u-b for my new FN-509 TACTICAL, BOY That light was expensive. But they are used in the military, But lately I have noticed, that Imalent has step up there game,in quality, I would love to try a Imalent Flashlight 🔦 I do know that Imalent makes the britest Flashlight in the world, I would love to start being a Imalent Fanboy, Because of there reputation as a Five Star 🌟 Flashlight Company. Sincerely Rick from Mo and God bless Imalent, for this chance.

by Mohammed Aseem on September 02, 2020

i m always using imalent one d best quality and long battery life


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